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    Has 'Lord of the Rings' been influenced by Wagner and Germanic paganism ?

    Tolkien Dwarves speak a secret Semitic language, there's also several layers of Catholic philosophy like the Vala Nienna and so forth. Seems to me more of a mishmash of mythologies with a focus on English heritage.
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    The diverse genetic origins of a Classical period Greek army

    A comparison of moderns, from the Heraclides study on Cyprus
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    @Angela I don't see what mistake would we be repeating, Italy is no longer a country of starved illiterate people swayed by fascinations of war or repressive regimes, quite the contrary. I also don't see what policies you are referring to, in fact I was so perplexed at the level of...
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    Between post fascists, crypto fascists, communists and soviet collaborators I think you will find very little political virginity in the post war politicians of the 60s and 70s, ultimately Almirante and other post fascists laid the groundwork for a modern Italian right wing that has nothing to...
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    Meloni does not plan to ban abortion as she assured the current law won't be touched at all, her speeches about it were more cultural, in an ideal society (hers) abortion should be the last resort. She wanted to marry in the Church but her mate is not religious, so he refused. As for same sex...
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    Religion Why is cannibalism glorified by Christianity?

    I think this highly educated argument made in the first post is nonetheless missing the finer points of religious thought. At best it could be argued ritual cannibalism has persisted as a subconscious cultural relic, not that it is glorified.
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    Religion Why is cannibalism glorified by Christianity?

    The Christian Communion is something that pertains to the spiritual realm or spiritual ideas...not corpse munching
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    Preview: Upcoming Ancient Greek Transect (Mesolithic to Medieval) from Biomuse.

    Unless I'm mistaken "Tenea" is Dorian land while the two nobles "Archontiko" are Macedonian, both very low steppe
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    Genetic origins of modern Southern Italians?

    After the recent paper on the Etruscans the darkest corners of the internet are running amok with wild theories about Southern Italians, in particular that they are rootless people who where imported as slaves from the Levant among other theories that probably can't be posted here. In light of...