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    Geneplaza K29 and K35

    Has anyone used these calculators? They posted results with some different details from what I've seen before.
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    Is Berzigerode Heimburg LN a part of Bell Beaker? puntDNAL K12 Ancient

    Just wondering what differentiates it to give it it's own slot since it's above Bell Beaker on my results.
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    What's up with this Loki guy on TheApricity Forums?

    I made another account on there mostly just to ask about my haplogroup and other things, and for the most part is was going rather well. I've noticed some people saying some particularly nasty things on that site, and they even have a ***** Lounge section where you can go and talk smack...
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    R1a-z92 Deeper Clades?

    I took a 23andme DNA test, and I just tested for R1a-Z92. However, I used a tool linked on ISOGG to predict my subclade and it's apparently Z660, Z661 (I'd post the link, but I've only made 8 posts so far) What countries would you guess I'm from based on this? From what I've read it's atypical...
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    DNA results 23andme and Gedmatch

    Anyone able to help interpret this? My sub-clade also seems to be rare for Poland. I'd send links to make this easier for me, but it looks like I need at least 10 posts for that... ANE 16.85 Pct ASE 0.95 Pct WHG-UHG 66.65 Pct East_Eurasian 1.06 Pct West_African 0.55 Pct...