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    Politics "WOKE" America

    As long as the person doesn't show his/her penis, I don't care. I also don't care if someone comes into the men's room with a vagina, as long as the person doesn't push it in my face ;)
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    Okay Angela, then lets face the real enemy of world peace and women: Men. Men are the major reason for war, murder, rape, perversion, fetishism and any kind of conflict on earth. The scientific evidence against free movement of men in society is overwhelming. If we should take political actions...
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    Some years ago I was on vacation in Denmark. In a shopping center there were unisex toilets. Nothing special about them. Everybody has its own cabin. The only place you met with the other sex is on the bathroom sink. No peeing men visible and there was no main door for the anteroom, if somebody...
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    Guess my ethnicity

    You have some facial similarities to my reconstructions of AnatoliaHG/Early Neolithic and Funnel Beaker, because of your narrow eye distance and wide vomer(Nasal Bone) to eye distance:
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    Why do so many Atheists like Star Trek and Science Fiction?

    Something I noticed over the years is that many people who define themselves as atheist are big fans of Star Trek. As I first watched Star Trek as I was a child, I thought it was very silly. My Father really liked it. For me this was just another kind of Muppet Show. The costumes looked...
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    Classify this woman from the 30s

    What is her ethnicity, where is she from, what is her phenotype? (Right side)
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    A common variant for red hair in Europeans found in Neolithic Europe

    I did another big run for SNPs that differ between the European founding populations. One of the interesting findings is this: The sample Kolin6 from the Stroke Ornament Pottery(Stichbandkeramik) from Czechia carries the T allele of rs1805008 that is associated with red hair...
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    Eupedia Ancient Ethnicities Checker: reliably compare your DNA to ancient populations

    Like I said I don’t know any calculator who does not associate Neanderthals and Denisovans with ancient Africans. The ancestry calculators cannot differentiate between Apes and Humans and everything that is in between. So lets test which ape or monkey we are more related to...
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    Source of Hunter Gatherer Ancestry in NW-Euro is of Iberian/Bell Beaker Origin?

    The K12b results for Balma Gulyana seem to have something to do with Bell Beaker expansion. Some years ago I read this book: This and many other things I read point to an origin of Bell Beakers in Iberia. Later they...
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    Various reconstructions of ancient people based on available SNPs

    Various reconstructions of ancient people based on available SNPs Created with faceMaker AnatoliaHG+Neolithic Hungarian+Bulgarian Neolithic Cheddar Man CHG Cucuteni/Trypilian EHG Funnel Beaker Iron Gates HG Linear Pottery...
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    A question for Race Realists

    Generally it is common sense for people that believe in races, that race is firstly attributed to physical traits. Besides of that, many people of that mindset argue that race has a social and metabolic reality seen in the intelligence and social organization of individuals based on genetics...
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    Physical trait PCA Ancient Europeans and World

    I filtered the 129 SNPs I am using for trait prediction of ancient samples to determine which alleles differ between the founding populations of modern Europeans. 29 SNPs reached a relevance. Based on this I created a PCA and clustering with PAST: Added some modern Europeans...
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    Health Anti-vaxxer movement strongest in France

    This morning the Mass Media in Germany crossed the red line: The protesters where described as a new form of Public Enemies(Staatsfeinde) that are neither left or right. Public Enemies? What? The new government is the worst corona management company ever. Highest infection rate of all times...
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    Health Anti-vaxxer movement strongest in France

    The problem with the whole studies that have been done is that they are not build on a good concept. If one wants real data, you would have to infect 20.000 people with the virus. 10.000 vaccinated, 10.000 placebo. Only this would give you the real data how many will be infected, die, how mild...
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    Single God & Philosophy began in the VI century BC

    I don’t see Judaism and Christianity as fitting in the characteristics you describe. In the old testimony sacrifice is an essential part to show love and obedience to Yehova. Domination over the heathens and other gods(His Archenemy Ashera) is a fundamental part of many stories. He is often...
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    Did Milk help the Indo-European expansion?

    According to the literature I read in the last years, Bell Beaker started in Iberia and came later in contact to Steppe Migration and build up a cultural amalgam. Bell Beaker style is not of a Steppe origin, but later Steppe was integrated. There is no evidence for lactose tolerance in Steppe...
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    Did Milk help the Indo-European expansion?

    Milk products contain hormonal growth factors that can enhance the height of individuals in their childhood. But it also contributes to the growth of some kinds of cancer and probably diabetes. Many milk products and cheeses are lactose free, because the lactose is fermented in the ripening...
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    Health Anti-vaxxer movement strongest in France

    In the course of the catastrophic death rates and mismanagement by the government in Germany more and more civil rights where taken from the people. Even if it was controversial to forbid people to meet and go to school last year, it cannot be denied that it pushed down the Covid cases and...
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    Vitamin C source in neolithic societies?

    Plant matter containing ascorbic acid also known as Vitamin C plays an important role in preventing Scurvy. In modern industrial societies the supply is secured by large production of vitamin c rich plant products like fruits and green vegetables. In prehistoric times the supply was not always...
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    A genome sequence from a modern human skull ~45,000 years old from Zlatý kůň Czechia

    ZKU002 Processed with BAM Analysis Kit PCA map based on Eurogenes K15 Converted data K36 to K15 for ZKU002 According to SNP traits like skull, facial, ear, chin, teeth, eye, skin, hair color, spine and limb morphology, similarities where calculated. Overall...