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  1. HiveMindTerror

    Share your 23andMe Ancestry Composition

    Mine updated, it used to be around 60% Balkan and 30% Eastern European. Now I'm much more Balkan, and related to Greeks? Uh, also... slightly related to Sudanese and Japanese... So does this mean I'm part Greek? I am a bit more southern shifted than typical Croats or Bosnians, according to...
  2. HiveMindTerror

    Are Modern Greeks related to Ancient Greeks?

    So firstly I have to say I believe they are. I'm only asking this because lately I've seen so many people saying that ancient Greeks were white with typically brunette, blonde and red hair, and that the swarthy/tan Mediterranean look of modern Greeks is from centuries of intermixing with Turks...
  3. HiveMindTerror

    Which People, Apart from Slavs, Played the Greatest Role in Yugoslav Ethnogenesis?

    I've been reading The Illyrians by John Wilkes. It's immensely interesting and enlightening on these vaguely known people. Some of the things that caught my attention were passages of how Celts settled and endured in Pannonia. How the Greeks dominated and colonized islands off the Croatian...
  4. HiveMindTerror

    My results updated and I finally have some close matches, but I have some questions. I'm ethnic Croat, yet I have the most in common with "Romans". By Romans does it mean Romanized Illyrians/Pannonians/whatever. Because I definitely have no Italian in me, judging by results from every test I've...
  5. HiveMindTerror

    Haplogroup I resulted in the Great Height of South Slavs

    Found this interesting article: Summed up it says how certain hunter gatherers would have eaten meat from large prey animals, rich in protein etc, and grown to great size, and have stayed as such for long enough that it...
  6. HiveMindTerror

    Best Autosomal Genetics Test?

    What test would you consider the best for seeing your closest related modern populations? Eurogenes K15, K36? Something else?
  7. HiveMindTerror

    Share your DNA Land Ancestry Composition

    Seems about right wonder where those small samples come from
  8. HiveMindTerror

    I seem to have a lot of ancestry from the steppes
  9. HiveMindTerror

    My results: continued
  10. HiveMindTerror

    Balkans and Neolithic Farmers

    Hello everyone, I've recently been watching some guys historical videos on YouTube. He claims haplogroups aren't a good way to determine a persons/peoples actual ancestry/heritage and that one must use autosomal genetics. I never knew this beforehand. Anyways, he seems to possess a lot of...
  11. HiveMindTerror

    Haplogroup I in the Mesolithic

    So most of my interest in haplogroups came from recorded history, the Slavs etc. Lately I've been reading into its further origins. According to Eupedia, I2 was the most common haplogroup in Europe up to the end of the Mesolithic? Is this true? I've seen a few sites saying otherwise or mixed...
  12. HiveMindTerror

    Could I2a have been Scythian?

    So not too long ago I got tested on 23 and Me, then later went to Gedmatch and mytrueancestry. Mytrueancestry compares your results to that of samples from bones found in ancient cultures burial sites/archeological sites. I was surprised to find my closest matches were to Scythians and Romans...
  13. HiveMindTerror

    Are South Slavs more Balkan Native than Slavic?

    I'm genuinely curious if this has been "decided" anywhere by credible researchers. South Slavs have a different stock of haplogroups than Northern Slavs, and cluster together rather than with other European groups. Clearly we're our own family-branch. Coincidentally the people with the highest...
  14. HiveMindTerror

    New Here: Basic Questions about I-F3145

    So I'm new here and only have only a basic understanding of genetics and haplogroups. Read around some of the posts and found more confusion than actual answers to my personal questions. Generally I'm kind of curious as to the origin of my haplogroup, whether it is of native Balkan origin or...