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    I had a long, quite in depth discussion with a friend today regarding marriage. She was a firm believer in the institution of marriage and what it stands for. She believed that if you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone then you should get married. I disagreed with her. I'm not...
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    If you could learn any language...

    ...apart from Japanese, what would you pick and why? I'm a bit stuck because my heart says French (i know a little - tres miniscule) because i find it such a sexy language...especially with women (there's logic there i swear) but my head says Spanish because it's the place i visit most often...
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    Money Vs Happiness

    If like me your stuck in a dead end job that bores you out of your tiny little skull :20: however, it pays the bills. I was speaking with my girl today (actually i think i was more wallowing in self pity) and she said get a job that makes you happy, don't worry about the cash. She said that...
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    'Failed' Suicide-Bombers in Custody

    I really wanted to name this thread "Got The B@stards" Some of the arrests took place in the borough in which i work...a little too close to home!
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    Further Explosions on London Underground

    Feel a duty to report: Developing story, so very speculative.
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    London Attacks (UPDATE)

    I'm not writing this because i want to, i am writing because i feel i have to. As those who read my last post will know, a friend and colleague, Jon, was officially reported missing after the attacks on London. I received a call last night from my father who had just finished speaking with a...
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    A Personal Account of the London Attacks (07/07/2005)

    Yesterday I saw the most horrific scenes in London that I have ever seen. Being of an age where I don't remember (or rather recollect) the IRA attacks or the fire at Kings Cross station what I saw was really my only account of terrorism in London. I am forever thankful that I wasn't directly...
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    Philosophical Question Number 11

    After a slight break from these questions (with thanks to Mycernius for keeping them going), I return with one that really does interest me. As Dr Martin Luther King Jr infamously once said "We hold these truth's to be self evident, that all men are created equal". And that bring's me on to my...
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    Brighton Rocks

    For anyone wanting a bit of "London-on-sea" i would recommend Brighton. Treat it like a major city, ie; there is some povety, some dirty little scroats, graffiti...but something about the place, i don't know what it just has a charm about it. People hate it, people love it...but in my...
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    I've never really given much thought to have them, you wake up, change the sheet ( :p ) and go back to sleep. but last night i had one of the weirdest dreams i ever had...i can't remember all the details but it involved Jewish zombies (i sh1t you not!). it started off with you...
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    Philosophical Question Number 9

    Well, it's certainly been a long time coming! I have neglected the forum for some time now...but I'm back!!! Bigger (put on a couple of pounds), Better (i had a shave) and Badder (I kicked a snail on the way home)! I hope all my peeps in the forum doing well, kicking back with a smoke and...
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    Philosophical Question Number 8

    Number 8 has been a long time coming and i apologise for that. In fact i have been neglecting this forum a little lately and that is something that i regret as i feel like i am neglecting all my friends. I think it's time to ask this question for me personally, as it's something i am asking...
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    Philosophical Question Number 7

    Sorry it has been a while coming...have been struck down with the dreaded lurgee! :atchoo: I think it's about time I posted a question that didn't involve death (directly anyway!)...I must be ill!!! :lol: "In any proffession, which would you rather have; money or fame?" Peace
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    I finally did it.....

    I have booked my first course in the Japanese language. Reading, writing, listening and speaking. I received my acceptance letter yesterday (along with the receipt for quite a hefty sum!). All being well, it starts on the 19th of April and i am doing the course with a friend, so i hope that will...
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    Philosophical Question Number 6

    This one is a little wacky and maybe a little more jovial than the others (sort of!). I wanted a slightly more light-hearted question to float around the forum. "You, and you alone know that the planet will cease to exist in 48 hours. (In a quick and painless way). What would you do with your...
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    Philosophical Question Number 5 (996 to go eh, Lexico!)

    I think this question depends more on people's beliefs and opinion rather than solid fact. "What happens to you after you die?"
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    Philosophical Question Number 4.

    "Can an extreme exist without it's opposite extreme?" For example; can love exist without hate can good exist without evil can heaven exist without hell An interesting theory I heard on 'hell' (whilst on the subject). "Hell exists if you believe it does." and vice versa.
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    Something that moved me...

    Today my father visited a close friend of his in hopital. His friend (aged 79) has had numerous medical problems recently including an operation on his prostrate which has led to bouts of diaorreha, a constant need to visit the bathroom (which prevents him from travelling for long periods of...
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    Philosophical Question Number 3

    "In your opinion, what is love?" Before anybody else says it, I understand that there are numeroud 'forms' of love...parental love, the love between family (other than parental), love in a relationship, the love of a pet, the love of a way of life...the love of life itself. (etc, etc) But...
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    Philosophical Question Number 2

    "Do you (honestly) care what people think about you?"