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  1. Kinsao

    Sustainability Why don't we add recyclable sewers ?

    That sounds like a mighty good idea to me. :-) Expensive it would be to set up, but worth it imo.
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    Climate change Global warming, where are we heading to ?

    IMO, people should be concerned about global warming and do what we can to slow down and offset it where possible - individuals, companies, businesses, industries, whatever. It does also need an all-around approach taking into account the various different factors that contribute to global...
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    Society Food maturity index by country

    Yes, it is an interesting idea! :cool: I wonder whether it is more linked to language or to the cultures associated with the languages... or a mixture of both... :clueless: I'm not quite sure I would have equated the idea of "maturity" with the concept "game to try eating more or less...
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    Society Food maturity index by country

    Hmmm, maybe you're a tad hard on England. :D -- although I know of course that under "English-speaking cultures" that's including a wide range of different cultures, such as the US and Australia, as you say. :) In Britain itself, though, there is quite a good wide range of food and Britain does...
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    I used to love reading poems, when I was at college. :) In fact, I had to read them, for my English Literature class (of course!). I like poetry! (At that time, just a few times I had a go at writing ones of my own too, but that was 10 years ago... >_<) Yesterday I had the idea I ought to read...
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    20th century errors of Europe

    Oh yes, that's true. And even, 'war artists' are still employed to this day! I read an interview in 'Modern Painters' a couple of years ago with someone who worked in this capacity. But they don't tend to be really famous nowadays - at least, not outside the art world. But it is still...
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    20th century errors of Europe

    What a very interesting thread! :) Unfortunately I don't have time right now to think about a clear response to all points before I have to disappear on work, but I just quickly wanted to say something about the arts... I want to state quite clearly that there is a lot of 20th century art...
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    I thought for people who are travelling in Europe, a Hostels thread might be useful. :hey: For instance, I have stayed in the Meininger Hostel, in Munchen, and found it pretty good. :cool: They have hostel in Koln, Berlin and London, too. Here is their site (it is available in other languages...
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    Politics Socio-political views

    Hmm, just on the community service issue... I think that often the community service is not really tough enough to act as a deterrent, and that's why it seems like the criminals get an easy option that way. It should be a hard work, and combined with a prison time. Enough so that the hardship of...
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    Politics Socio-political views

    No, it's not so bad as robbery or rape. Yes Yes No Yes No Cannot answer No No Should be legal if the mother's life is in danger/health cannot support it.
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    Band recommendations

    I just thought it would be good to have a thread where people could share their recommendations, because I like getting into new music. :hey: At the moment I am enjoying finding out French and German music. :-) If you have not already heard them, I recommend: Samsas Traum - German, quite...
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    Debate What is the purpose of Education ?

    I can't believe I never even noticed this section before! :shock: :( anyway... I would also go mainly with (2), but I think (3) is quite tied-in with it. Self-improvement and self-fulfilment are often linked with coping, managing one's life, and social issues. I work in adult learning and a lot...
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    Most infamous man of the 20th century

    I'm picking Hitler, simply as most 'infamous' (not saying that he was necessarily the 'worst'). But they all come pretty close... Props for a good list! Also I think it's good for me to think more about those other people and what they have done... continue a bit with my education. :cool: I...
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    Animals What is the best thing about animals?

    Animals are "good" for a lot of things depending on your perspective. They are "good" for the "use" of humans for example meat, leather and other animal products that enable us to make different stuff. However, although I eat meat and use animal products, to regard their worth only in that light...
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    I.D. Cards

    ID cards in the UK (or anywhere) - what do you think? I've never started a thread before (except for Sloganizer!)! But I wondered what people think about ID cards? What about those of you in countries where you already have ID cards; from your experiences what do you find to be the pros and...
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    Animals Animal Rights

    Yeah! :cool: Errrr... but it's not very practical with our modern lifestyle... :blush: Although on balance I'd rather be spending the day out hunting my dinner than cooped up in an office... :( Uhhh, and just to be a bit too serious about your joke, :bluush: I guess under hunting conditions...
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    Animals Animal Rights

    I'm OK with eating meat and using animal products such as dairy. HOWEVER, although I don't believe eating meat to be wrong as such, I feel very unhappy in some cases about the bad conditions in which they are kept (such as battery hens/chickens, or animals not being killed humanely). I'm not...
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    Greatest Ancient Egyptian contribution(s) to the world

    Embalming is pretty important, too, because it's due to good preservation that we can learn a lot about the ancient Egyptian society. :-) I think papyrus is also very important... except I don't know well my world history... so I don't know where else paper was invented... probably it would...
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    Animals A Cruel Method of Dealing with Katrina's Pets

    That's awful. :o Why did they kill them? I mean, if the animals were going to die because of something to do with the hurricane (drowning, pollution in the water, etc.) I could understand why they might make the decision to put them down instead... but in that case I would have assumed they...
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    What is the greatest empire ever existed?

    I have an empire! :p Nuff said. :hihi: