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  1. Anchyyy

    Family, the safe place for anyone of us?

    Two weeks ago we had to write an essay about our families in school. It give me a reason to think about this. I know my mother loves me. We've gone through a hard time, when my parents were divorsing. My father intended to kick me, my mother and my brother out of his house. It was his mothers...
  2. Anchyyy

    Animals Animal Rights

    I voted too.:-) 1.1 Eating meat is OK ~ people are eating it for million years, that won't change, because people are used to eat, well except some(religion) 3.1 Testing on animals for medical purposes is OK ~ As long as those tests don't make them suffer, make them sick or kill them. On the...
  3. Anchyyy

    Greatest Ancient Egyptian contribution(s) to the world

    I think the greatest contribution are pyramids. They are full of secrets, with all those mummies and paintings all over the walls. :-)
  4. Anchyyy

    Greatest Belgian contributions to the world ?

    Waffles, pralines and other chocolates for me:-)
  5. Anchyyy

    Greatest Italian contributions to the world ?

    Italian food isnt so bad. I like that egg salad :cool:. Beside that i love da Vindi's work:-)