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  1. berun

    Egypt invaded by Hyksos women???

    concubines from abroad aren't ruled out?
  2. berun

    Re-dating of "Bell-Beaker" site in southwestern France

    it's allways problematic, BB people reused previous burials, it's open to speculate if that was to get elite burial sites or if they thought they continued local traditions, even so at least in Catalonia they erected some new dolmens. Of course, as stated for some Olalde's samples, some Non...
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    El Aramo mine (Chalcolithic - EBA Asturias) mtDNA and Bell Beakers

    results appear in a work by Montserrat Hervella and Concepcion de-la-Rua "Paleogenetics of Northern Iberian from Neolithic to Chalcolithic Time", from a mine used for burials interesting, to know which percent "steppe" came with women such link of Iberian BBC with U5b might be checked as to...
  4. berun

    Western vs Eastern Andalusia Y-DNA

    Recently published: "Paternal lineages in southern Iberia provide time frames for gene flow from mainland Europe and the Mediterranean world" some quotations: The notably high frequency of R1b-M529 in the Huelva province (14%), nearly two times higher than those observed in other mainland...
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    Found R1b in Neolithic France (?)

    I red the thesis Du fonctionnement des sites funéraires aux processus de néolithisation sur le territoire français (néolithique ancien et moyen) : premiers apports de l’approche paléogénétique by Maïte Rivollat, in page 212 there is a table with SNP results for a person buried 7 millenia ago in...
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    4,000 yo chariots found in northern India

    @Angela, calm down, I was amazed about the discussion if objects were Chinese, and I only suggested to check the video, it is quite clear it's all Indian and so I did a joke. You also say that I don't like the steppe theory and I don't know why such statements has any relation with that, what...
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    4,000 yo chariots found in northern India

    you have not viewed the video that I have attached? What Chinese people more brown! ;)
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    4,000 yo chariots found in northern India

    very interesting, found near Sanauli village, found this video also a copper sword... no incineration... no tumulus? the objects are quite exotic except the comb motive, I would say I have seen it in another place.
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    Where did the Anatolian branch of Indo-European originate?

    Moderation note: This thread was split from 137 ancient human genomes from across the Eurasian steppes. --------------------------------------------------------------- They disprove any involvement of Yamnaya in major IE migrations but they stick with it. Realy I'm considering if steppitis is...
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    First matador in 30 years killed in the ring

    The bull has a poor performance eye and each minute losses blood and energy by savage stackings, the torero, wearing pink pants, knows all it and shakes gently the red cape before the bull, staying himself motionless, then the bull feels menaced by something before him and attacks. When the bull...
  11. berun

    I was mistaken: the steppe warriors rode sirens

    It seems the case after finding some steppe DNA in El Argar culture (southeastern Spain): the culture has some "Aegean" cultural relations, and by such epoch it's not known any continental migration towards the penninsula; and as we know now Portuguese...
  12. berun

    Vikings freeze dried cod

    what potatoes? just add water oil and vinager, it's all it. esqueixada: it is just cod dried in salt from the viking island of Iceland.
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    Genetic history of the Indian subcontinent

    From the paper "A genetic chronology for the Indian Subcontinent points to heavily sex-biased dispersals": yet Yamnaya, no matter if that was a Copper Age culture.
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    The Y-DNA of the megalithic people

    With the recent papers about BB, Balkans and Portugal, a more clear picture about the people that spread the Megalithic culture in the Late Neolithic / Chalcolithic could be displayed. Portugal_LN/Chalco I2a1b x2, G2a2, I2a1a1a1b SE_Iberia_Chalco I...
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    The kurgan was empty

    In an scientific level, the steppe theory proposed by Gimbutas and thereafter reloaded by David Anthony is dead (the kurgan theory 2.0 was about Yamnayans delivering the Germainc languages to the CW culture through the Usatovo culture by a kind of cultural fashion). The many red and orange...
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    Europe is racist

    Europeans use to think that their countries are democratic, tolerant, advanced, humanist and so on. The reality is that the big ones in Europe keep their neocolonialism through corrupting governments in underdeveloped countries, and common Europeans don't care much about the semi-slavist...
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    Y-DNA turnover in Chalcolithic Iberia?

    The Neolithic dispersal in Europe was headed by G2a people with "local" partners (above all I2a1 which is found in Treilles, Els Trocs, Funnel, Starcevo...). The G2a reached Languedoc and Catalonia being yet a majority (Avellaner, Treilles). With the new Y-DNA samples from the Chalcolithic it's...
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    Southern Neolithic route brought Megaliths from the Levant to Western Europe

    kurgans in central France by 4500 BC? yes, the Yamnayans had very good wooden time-travel-machines, quite clear case...
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    Yamnayans in North Russia

    Just i red the paper "Mapping Post-Glacial expansions: The Peopling of Southwest Asia" (here), and the interesting point is: they include var and freq maps to sure their claims. The article fails to comment that there are ancient J's that confirm their claims: Satsurbila and Kotias in...
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    Corded Ware Culture admixture against Yamnayans

    I have taken the results from Genetiker blog; the Pit Grave culture / Yamna is at around 80% EHG + 20% Caucasian; the Middle Neolithic Funnelbeaker culture (4300-2800 BC) provide some 20% WHG + 5% EHG + 75% EEF. The supposed blend of Neolithics and Yamnayans in the Corded Ware provide some 15%...