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    Smyadovo, Bulgaria... in western Europe? Then Kamtchatka must be eastern Europe! Wow, that's quite a list! I'm impressed. ATP3... "R1 low coverage". All downstream snps "dubious" You forgot the Villabruna sample, 12000 years old, no doubt the forefather of all those steppe-free samples that...
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    Politics Illegal Immigration: It's About Power

    The real question is: when we let people in, what signal do we send to the numberless millions of others waiting beyond the border? How long can we let it all go on, and hope to cope? France receives 250,000 migrants each year (legal and illegal combined), i.e the equivalent of cities like...
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    Nature Key driver for infanticide among chimpanzees

    Sex - on a par with the quest for power (influence, fame, land, wealth...) when it comes to wreaking havoc in a community !
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    SNP Tracker. H1bm not a descendant of H1b?

    The SNP tracker ( proposes the following mutation stages for H1b: H > H1 > H-T16189C! > H1b For H1bm, the sequence given is : H > H1 > H1bm (the H-T16189C! > H1b segment expected in between H1 and H1bm is not there) I always thought that H1bm...
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    Politics Democrat vs. Republican Occupations

    Predictable, for sure, but still, interesting. Just one question, though : what the heck do they mean by "exterminator"? Is that a profession? Some sort of duly registered hitman? My English fails me there!
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    The enigma of the Celtic tomb

    Most of the prestige artefacts found in those 6th-century BC graves were presents given by traveler-traders to local lords. Those gifts were a way for merchants to get permission to convey goods across the area. The most impressive and precious artefacts found had been made either in Etruscan...
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    Map of Celtic, Germanic and Iberian tribes before Roman expansion

    Yes, the Treasure Tombs (Hochdorf, Vix, Lavau...) are dated roughly 550 - 500 BC, late Halstatt. La Tène is the Gaulish Age par excellence. If you consider it pre-Gaulish, then there is no time window for Gauls proper to really exist: you jump straight from pre-Gaulish La Tène to the...
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    Map of Celtic, Germanic and Iberian tribes before Roman expansion

    The last one, I promise. In French again, but the pictures speak for themselves...
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    Map of Celtic, Germanic and Iberian tribes before Roman expansion

    More on Gaulish archeology.
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    Map of Celtic, Germanic and Iberian tribes before Roman expansion

    Of men and horses... The explanations are in French, unfortunately. @mlukas : Thanks for the map.
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    Map of Celtic, Germanic and Iberian tribes before Roman expansion

    I am an Arvern. Hello to you all, Celtic brothers ! Here is a 3D reconstruction of the Oppidum of Corent, near Clermont-Ferrand, close to where the battle of Gergovia took place, at which my grandad Vercingetorix defeated Caesar. (After that battle, though, the Bituriges refused to burn their...
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    Interesting facts about the ancient Romans

    Rome 320 AD. 3D reconstruction. Mind-blowing... and heart-rending. Reminds me of Shelley's Ozymandias.
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    What's your MBTI personality?

    My results :
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    Genetically Southern French and most Iberians are almost identical

    Thanks for your interest. I didn't test with 23andme. I might in future. Here below my complete FTDNA and DNALand results. These two sets of results don't really seem to agree with each other. All in all, I find those discrepant analyses more confusing than enlightening.
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    DNA and privacy

    Many of us tested. Our data are stored somewhere - out of reach. Is it to be feared that the very progress of genetic sciences might turn into a cause for concern ? Article here : Excerpt : "Where will this all end up...
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    Greatest French contributions to the world ?

    France's greatest contribution to the world? Er... me? More seriously, quite a number of "little things" were invented in France, which did not revolutionize science but brought elements of comfort to our daily lives : the pencil, the stethoscope, the brassiere, the sewing machine, the concrete...
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    Society World Happiness Report 2018

    Thanks. I'll take a look. I must confess I haven't explored the whole forum very thoroughly yet. I tend to hop on the threads under way when I get online.
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    Society World Happiness Report 2018

    If robots take over, and produce in our place, how do we get the money to buy what the robots produce ? How can we disconnect production (+ salary) from consumption (= expense)? Learn to live with it all right, but then it is an entirely new socio-economic model that remains to be invented. It...
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    Society World Happiness Report 2018

    I agree with Maciamo that what matters, at bottom, is not so much the level of economic performance or comfort as the overall trend towards better or worse. People who are convinced their children will live better than themselves feel happy. Those who worry for the future don't. In southern...
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    Medieval graffiti: the lost voices of England’s churches in the Middle Ages

    I very much doubt the 14C was a period of prosperity for the peasants. The early decades (1300 - 1340) are reported to have been a period of calamitous weather conditions and extremely poor crops. Then, the plague struck. When it was gone, the bad weather hit again. Hence famine and revolts -...