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  1. Syky

    I2a-Din in Motala12?

    I don't know exactly the history of discussion about migration of I2a-Din here on forum, so I am sorry if I say something old. The new Mathieson's paper does not bring more light to history of this subclade. Or maybe yes, because the only sample with L147.2 mutation is not from Balkans, but it...
  2. Syky

    Post your "genetically predicted place of origin" (based on Eurogenes K36 results)

    Here is an average of 28 Czechs, both Bohemians and Moravians. AVG Amerindian 0.00 Arabian 0.03 Armenian 0.47 Basque 1.50 Central_African 0.00 Central_Euro 8.13 East_African 0.00 East_Asian 0.00 East_Balkan 5.98 East_Central_Asian 0.00 East_Central_Euro 17.80 East_Med...
  3. Syky

    Share your 23andMe Ancestry Composition

    It's me with old 23andme! :good_job: I think Maciamo has already used my results. Here is a Bohemian from Central Bohemian Region (around Prague) on DNA.Land:
  4. Syky

    Population averages of Czechs

    I decided to test some Czech samples on Gedmatch, because they are often missing in most of spreadsheets of admixture calculators. I have tested 15 Czech samples that I had found through one-to-many tool. My purpose was to learn something new about genetic history of my own country, not only to...