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  1. TardisBlue

    Genetic characterization of ancestral French populations using ancient DNA – ANCESTRA

    Genetic characterization of ancestral French populations using ancient DNA – ANCESTRA I was asking for French samples. Well well!! This is very exciting. The aim of ANCESTRA is to reconstruct the peopling of the territory of present-day France by characterizing the different waves of human...
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    Eleanor of Aquitaine?

    She's mentioned in this Timeline documentary about Britain's bloodiest dynasty (the Plantagenets): I love those docs, they're so interesting! A French documentary about her, by St?phane Bern:
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    Favorite Historical Movies

    Thanks for the list, I'll definitely check them out! It's high time I watch The Leopard at last. 1900 is with Gerard Depardieu, I see. They all look good, I think I'll start with Il Postino since it's set in Procida. Oh, and The Medici looks great too. I love that kind of series. Have you...
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    Favorite Historical Movies

    Yes, I love that kind of movie! But I'm no historian so I'm not particularly obsessed with perfect historical accuracy (there are history books for that). For ie, La Reine Margot was not particularly accurate but I enjoyed it. I also love all the TV series like The Crown, Victoria or Wolf Hall...
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    Favorite Historical Movies

    La r?volution fran?aise by Robert Enrico is a good 2-part movie. Agora Elizabeth, and Elizabeth the Golden Age The Wind that shakes the barley La reine Margot Joyeux No?l - beautiful movie about the Christmas truce of 1915 The lives of others The Duchess The King's speech
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    Italian surnames inherited from ancient Romans

    My ggmother's surname (Scotto d'Ardino) is non existent in Italy. I only found a few instances, and only outside Italy among descendants of Procida immigrants. It seems it is one of those surnames which has died out? I'm also wondering why the surnames Scotto and "Scotto di …" are so prominent...
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    Classify me?

    First time I'm doing this… browsing this kind of threads here and on other sites made me want to try. Now I'm curious about what 'ethnicity/ies' I look more like (if any). Thanks in advance!