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  1. TwistedMac

    Were the Crusades the first World War?

    meh, they were savages, they don't deserve a say.. they didn't have history until we brought it over! Anyway, I don't really think it matters one way or the other.. that was the Crusade, this was the world war... It's not that some guy sat down and calculated how many percent of the world was...
  2. TwistedMac

    New webspider trend?

    i was at another forum where this guy had made a thread for a russian dateservice site.. now I've seen enough spam and gotten enough requests to visit some sexy chicks lesbian hot site on icq to smell a generic message from miles away, so i did some research.. It looks very much like someone...
  3. TwistedMac

    In what kind of relationship do people get HIV/AIDS more easily ?

    (EDITED by Maciamo) Split from original topic : Japanese morals --------------------------------------------------- dude? you stopped talking to her?? if she's like that, she's a sure fark if you want when you're in japan! those things don't grow on trees you know! personally i don't see...