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    Films & Series European film recommendations

    I like german films: i have seen downfall, sophie scholl, love in thoughts, napola, the wave... all are good Sweden: Ondskan, let me in (i loved this terror film) Denmarck: In a better world (good film about bullying that i saw recently) uk: Atonement . . .
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    Do Italians look more like Spaniards/Portuguese, or Greeks?

    both are difficult to understand, but to me french is easier to read, more understandable, but when i heard it, i can´t understand a word. On the other hand, i have the influence of the catalan, well a dialect from catalan and maybe to me it´s easier to understand the other latin languages...
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    Who is the most attractive country in Europe?

    Thalia and Anahí (2º y 3º) are spanish descendant hihi, so ¿May we can include them as spaniards? hehe, i love you Canek. Personally, i think that there are beautiful people all over Europe, and i find German men very handsome, also british men that i knew.
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    Do Italians look more like Spaniards/Portuguese, or Greeks?

    i´am not disposed to judge because i am a woman, but depends, i think my ideal of woman are brunnette too but more like Eva Green or Keira, more delicate, with fine features.
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    Do Italians look more like Spaniards/Portuguese, or Greeks?

    I loveee Eva Green¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ I think she has a lot of mystery, from Britain i like this woman: she´s older than them but as Eva, has "something", and she´s a good actress too :)
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    Do Italians look more like Spaniards/Portuguese, or Greeks?

    :) To my, the most beautiful spanish actress :) I think she´s the steritotype of a spanish lady too... I love the look of Laura Paussini.
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    Do Italians look more like Spaniards/Portuguese, or Greeks?

    the point is this is a forum of history, anthropology...see any general peruvian/chilenean etc forum and you will see several issues of genetic composition, i know because i participate in many forums and in many instances there are passionate debates about who has many/less indian blood. You...
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    Do Italians look more like Spaniards/Portuguese, or Greeks?

    latinamerican forums are plently pf racial issues, and you know that, you know that for a latin american race is more important than for a european and has much to do with social status, mestizo people despises indians and the elite in many countries is purely european,i don´t want talk about...
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    Do Italians look more like Spaniards/Portuguese, or Greeks?

    You look like an italian Riccardo but you could be French, Spanish, or German or from netherlands, you have a very neutral look, i mean you can found your type in any country i think... i know many italians here in spain; blondes brunettes and redheads, i know who is italian just see him, but i...
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    Os Grandes Portugueses | The Greatest Portuguese

    :laughing: ¿Y qué representan para tí algunos imperios precolombinos perpetuadores de masacres y genocidios contra otros pueblos? Por cierto, no hay verdadera Europa, hay Europa y no Europa, el foro de Latinoamérica está todo recto a la izquierda...Lo digo porque quizás tengas más que aportar en...
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    Dienekes' Anthropometric Calculator

    wowwwwwwww¡¡¡ Azerbaijan lol ¡¡¡¡that´s so far from Spain¡¡¡ and greek (less far i guess) awsome, how great this test¡ ¿All we are greek? :)
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    Politics Angry greeks, ΑΓΑΝΑΚΤΙΣΜΕΝΟΙ ΠΟΛΙΤΕΣ

    you vote, but nobody says that they are going to deliver their promises or going to defend the people´s interests, that´s the problem, you vote every 4 years and there finish the democracy, there is no mechanism to monitor their actions, occasionally something comes up, through a complaint but...
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    Another good reason to go to Spain!

    well, no brain i guess :rolleyes2:
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    Politics Angry greeks, ΑΓΑΝΑΚΤΙΣΜΕΝΟΙ ΠΟΛΙΤΕΣ

    I hope the Greeks kick asses, something that they are very good at... a country can´t be insulted like this. So go ahead¡ down with them¡
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    Politics Angry greeks, ΑΓΑΝΑΚΤΙΣΜΕΝΟΙ ΠΟΛΙΤΕΣ

    "People have only themselves to blame for the mess." Untrue, people is partly to blame but much of the blame are politicals, bankers and this global system and here, we are paying the crisis, we, the people alone with welfare cuts. What we want is more control over what politicians do, what...
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    Greatest Spanish contribution(s) to the world ?

    Well, as far as i know, Dali considered himself spanish and said so many times (in democracy) i don´t know why many people think that everyone in Catalonia is separatist.
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    Scandanavian Languages

    i don´t know wich is the easiet, but to me, the most beautiful is swedish :satisfied:
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    European Serial Killers

    Hi, Lebrock, then you wanted to say the shame...thanks for the welcome¡
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    European Serial Killers

    Hi, well, i´m studient of psichology, i mean, i´m not an expert, but in college, they say there are many psychopaths and probably you will find some of them in some moments of your life; these personalities are characterized by tendencies to sadism, 0 empathy, aggressiveness, egocentrism etc...