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    Where did E-V13 originate ?

    Most of the samples used by Trombetta et al. (2015) that represent West Asia are from a single country (Turkey; 291). This country is not exactly known to harbor a lot of E diversity. Instead those countries that needed more SNP resolution [Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia; very ancient...
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    Hg J2 M172 middle/late neolithic Hungary. (Sopot & Lengyel Culture)

    V13's alive today have a Bronze Age TMRCA though, at least according to YFull estimates.
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    E1b1b1a1b (V-13): Balkan or Middle Eastern?

    E-V13 likely originated somewhere between Aegean Turkey and Serbia, according to STR diversity. E-M215 is Eurasian in origin. The only underived sample of E-M215* was found in the Khorasan region of North-Eastern Iran by Di Cristofaro et al. (2013). All the previously identified East African...
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    What's the quickest genetic company to send you results?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for the quickest company to give me the genetic results. I know a lot about haplogroups and general genetic, and I would like to purchase a test to see my haplogroup and relatedness to other people. While researching my surname origin I found that it was said Greek, but...
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    What Y-DNA haplogroups are associated eith the following deseases?

    Dyslipidemia, hypertension and ischemic cardiopathia. Are some haplogroups particularly associated with these?
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    Who were and are the Greeks and their DNA

    IMO the ancient Hellenes had these haplogroups: Achaeans: E-V13, J2a Dorians: J2a, J2b Epirotes: E-V13, J2b Makedonians: E-V13, I2a, J2a, J2b Thracians: J2a, E-V13, I2a