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    Question What did Paleo Balkan people look like?

    Pietro Boselli looks more like a Celtic and "Western" text book phenotype in my humble opinion. I can't see him that much in the Balkans, not even as "Paleo".
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    Pompei, capsula del tempo dell'Impero Romano: analisi paleogenomica dei resti umani rinvenuti nell'antica città

    He never said that Etruscans should have 100% light eyes he said that 2,4 % is ridicolously low and it is infact. Such figures would be a ridicolous statement even for modern day Levantines go figure for Etruscans.
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    Religion Why are there still Christians?

    It's not a whole different discussion. It's a matter of believing blindly in something despite even science, or empirical observations in the case of a God , cannot explain it. That works for Christian people as well as for many atheists who only rely on science blindly. Deism has nothing to...
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    Religion Why are there still Christians?

    Science can't even yet explain the fundamental nature of gravity, consciousness, what universe is made of , detailing how life begun on earth, how a bike can still balancing itself without someone on it hence it still doesn't know a lot of things after decades, if not centuries for some...
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    Can a Spaniard, Romanian, and Swiss Italian understand Corsican?

    As a Tuscan myself i can hear some little Tuscan flavour indeed but very very mixed with more southward Central Italian dialects like Umbrian and Tuscan ( Aretino more than something like Florentine or Pisan ) almost fades away soon . In some moments i can't hear Tuscan at all but Umbrian...
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    Do I have any potential Norman heritage?

    My friend has not Albanian ancestry for what i know but I don't know if his city had Albanians settlement but i guess he would have told me. In any case Dna results don't point to anything related to Albanians . Albanians in Italy are not taller or lighter than Italians, at least not...
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    Do I have any potential Norman heritage?

    There are Italians like that in Italy even in places where Normans have never been or where Germanic dna is vey low but all is possible. I have a friend from Sicily that is almost 2 mt, deep blue eyes, ash blonde hair and big framed. In his dna test he turned out like a regular West Sicilian.
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    Modern Italians who resemble busts from the classical era

    Claudia Gerini was perfect in the Passion of the Christ to cast a Roman woman for me .
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    Berbers are white and caucasoid people?

    To me that Anglo Teutonic depiction looks far more like Roman and Greek statues or Michelangelo's David -which still adopted classical parameters of beauty- rather than an average Brit. Funny.
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    Films & Series Netflix docu-series with a black Queen Cleopatra.

    Then if you dress like Blacks or have dreadlocks they whine and call for cultural appropriation. 🤡
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    Classify this man

    In some old Anthropology plates there were some broad headed Atlanto Med samples like these
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    Classify this man

    Atlanto Med. Looks a bit like the great Puccini
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    Politics One in three Bavarians want independence from Germany

    That was 2014 btw, Veneto has 1\3 of people compared to Bavaria and probably much less immigrants.
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    What is your beauty ideal?

    Kelly Brook
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    Immigration Dalai Lama to refugees: 'Europe belongs to the Europeans'

    Obviously i made a mistake in calcultating percentages before but you can be sure that if it is not 6,8 % now it is going to be 5% Africans in a short time with all the ones coming by sea and the ones still closed in camps. Many of those 1,14 million regular Africans had childrens since 2019...
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    Immigration Dalai Lama to refugees: 'Europe belongs to the Europeans'

    Don't say idiocies, i'm talking even about touristic little towns in North or Central Italy like medieval San Gimignano who are quite rich and visited by million of tourists every year, not of the ones in Calabrian mountains where people emigrated for real ( in the 60's\70's) . Get off your...
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    Immigration Dalai Lama to refugees: 'Europe belongs to the Europeans'

    Spot on. Situation in Italy is very bad now mate. It is enough to take a step in a random city. Also our liberal politicians didn't just move all these immigrants in big cities, they scattered them in little towns as well. There isn't anymore a place immigrants free, not even in the most remote...
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    Immigration Dalai Lama to refugees: 'Europe belongs to the Europeans'

    Excuse me? Do you know some basic math?? In Italy we are 60.000.000 people, 1.14million Africans ( in 2019) it's 6,8% and that's not even counting Asians and illegals that can be even more than 600.000. Add all the ones arrived lately that are still in camps and wait for their documents even...
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    Immigration Dalai Lama to refugees: 'Europe belongs to the Europeans'

    Sorry, but wich part of "invasion" are you not understanding ? Granted the the number you pulled out are wrong as in Italy there are already 1,14 million ( 2019) legal Africans ( and i don't count Asians) and "about" 600.000 illegals , all the ones that are arriving in Italy in the last...
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    Immigration Dalai Lama to refugees: 'Europe belongs to the Europeans'

    In Italy they are not a minority at all infact Left wing parties fear elections and try everything to postpone.