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    Looking at European genes : Paleolithic vs Neolithic

    I don't think that most on finns originally had mongoloid features. Finns are the most blonde people, and 60% of them are N1c1.They are among most indigenous people in Europe.
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    Haplogroup N and the Finns

    Today in Estonia and Finland geneticists and archaeologist have focused on the theory that the Fenno-Ugric languages speaking people arrived here immediately after the end of the ice age. No one does not take anymore seriously the arrival of Siberian theory because it does not confirmed by nor...
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    Money Vs Happiness

    i also prefer a job that makes me happy but money is also important.
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    Sex & Gender Are men and woman equal

    Men and women are not necessarily equal in biological terms because their bodies are different. But they have equal by intelligence.
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    Your Thoughts on Public Nudity

    I don't like displaying myself nude in public but I think it's everyone's own business, whether he or she shows himself naked in public or not.
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    Question How do you feel about graffiti in public places ?

    I really like graffiti if it's nice and in right place.
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    Question Emotional intelligence : myth or reality ?

    I think it's myth
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    Is genetically modified food safe?

    I think most of people would prefer organic food.
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    Wearing shoes inside your home: hot or not?

    In Estonia we always take shoes off when visiting.
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    which country u like most?!

    Estonian countryside!
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    If you donated money to a charity...

    I would you donate money for children.
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    Do you lock your doors?

    I'm from Estonian countryside and when I was young, nobody locked the doors in my village.
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    Life on other planets?

    Yes, it's very intresting.
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    Greatest civilization?

    Chinese civilization were greatest.