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    J2a in Albanians

    According to the rrenjet project so far, J2a is 14% in Albanians from Tirana, 10% in Lezhe and 11% in Vlore, and 12% for Albanians in Greece. And there are Vlachs who fall into the same subclade or branch I think. It's a Y-DNA generally found among Romanians/Vlachs...
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    K13 Modern Global Population Calculator (K13)

    Made by Hungarian Dunai Target: Kosovo_Albanian Distance: 1.1836% / 1.18363156 | ADC: 0.5x RC 67.2 South_Balkanic 32.8 Northeast_Italian Target: Kosovo_Albanian Distance: 0.8171% / 0.81707659 | ADC: 0.25x RC 62.1 South_Balkanic 14.4 Northeast_Italian 14.1...