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    FTDNA Transfering 23andme raw data to FTDNA

    Hi, transfering 23andme raw data to FTDNA for $50 is available from February, 2012. I would like to inquire if anyone have used this feature? What does it give? What data will be deciphered ? Will i get my only my basic Haplogroup or something like Y-DNA 37 Marker test result or mtDNA test ...
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    Lithuanian N1c1

    I got the same doubts about the data Eupedia (Maciamo) has provided. So according: mostly one source was (could be) used for Lithuanian DNA data: Y Chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA Variation in Lithuanians, Kasperaviciute et al. (PDF)...
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    DNA testing companies in Europe ?

    Hi, had any one experienced testing DNA in Europe (any reliable) ? Germany or U.K. ? Shipping to U.S. is quite expensive.