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    What does this specific Haplogroup say about my ancestry?

    Alright so my Haplogroup on 23andme used to R-L21 and has recently been updated to R-S660 of which I understand is a more specific subclade of the former. So, what country is R-S660 predominant in and what does it say about my paternal ancestry? This is important to me because I cannot trace my...
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    Which DNA ethnicity test is most accurate?

    I've taken both the 23andme and ancestryDNA test and transferred my results to Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, and some other test. I got different results many times widely different results and I really only trust 23andMe and Ancestry but I'd like to know which DNA test is the most accurate.
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    Are Swiss Germans considered to be ethnically German?

    Or are they an ethnic group unto them self? If it is the second one than please tell me what linguistic, religious, and cultural differences warrant such a division.
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    What is an ethnicity?

    I actually have a hard time grasping exactly what the exact definition of an ethnicity actually is. Sociology differentiates between race and ethnicity by stating that race is about physical and genetic characteristics while ethnicity is all about culture regardless of race. That makes sense...
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    Are Ulster Scots Celtic?

    I notice that here in the United States people of Ulster Scots or "Scots Irish" heritage as they call themselves tend to consider the Ulster Scots as a Celtic people. When ever anyone talks about the cultural and ethnic heritage of the American South they always call it Anglo-Celtic, the Celtic...
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    Ancestry of South Germans, Austrians, Swiss

    Going by the ancient tribal groupings of ancient Europe, who are the ancestors of the southern Germans, Austrians, and German speaking Swiss? All of these places were once Celtic speaking areas being home the the Helvetti, the La Tene Celts, and other such groups. The Germanic tribes in the dark...
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    How Likely am I to be Descended from Germanic tribes?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and am glad to have found it because all the other forums dealing with these subjects are filled with vile racists and white supremacists of whom every man of conscience is right to despise. So my question is along these lines. I think the ancient Germanic peoples...