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    Circassians in Italy

    After receiving my LivingDNA results, I started to investigate my reported 6.2% Northwestern Caucasian ancestry. FTDNA had already reported 4% ancestry from Anatolia, Armenia, Mesopotamia. Eurogenes K13 & EUtest V2 give me as mixed population, beside Southern European combinations, 90% Tuscan...
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    LivingDNA Italian LivingDNA Results

    Hi, My dad is from Northwestern (25%) and Central-Southern Italy (75%), my mom is from Northeastern Italy (Veneto). South Italy: 53.1% North Italy: 34.1% Northeast Germanic: 3.1% Northwest Germanic: 1.3% England and Wales: 2.2% Northwestern Caucasus: 6.2% What do you think? Thanks!
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    R-Z253 in Southern Italy

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I recently got my SNP results and hoped someone could help me understand them. My haplogroup is R-Z253, which seems to be associated with Insular Celts, however my parental lineage is from southern Italy (Campania). With my current understanding, I can only...