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    Asian Admiture in Icelanders

    It seems that some Icelanders look like they have superficial levels of Asian admixture. To what extent is this the case?
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    Haplogroup Q in Iceland

    I read somewhere that some R1 in Iceland could actually be Q. How is this possible? And how much R1 in Iceland is actually Q?
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    R-V88 Among Europeans

    Apparently V-88 originated among Sub-Saharan Africans, however we also see many cases of it in Europe and the UK. How would it have ended up in these places and who would have carried it there?
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    Ivanhoe Cluster Jewish R1b

    It was that book which sparked my interest in the subject. While Scotland never expelled its Jewish population, the question remains as to how many Jews were actually there. It would be worth finding this out. Thank you, Maleth. Would it have somehow been possible that non-Jews somehow...
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    Ivanhoe Cluster Jewish R1b

    I recently came upon some information that there is a subclade of R1b which is shared by both many people in the British Isles (especially in the Scottish lowlands) and Jews in Eastern Europe. How was it possible for both Jews and British people to be related in this way? Is it likely that...