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    G25 G25 Big Bronze Age and Iron Age List

    Target: Kenshiro_scaled Distance: 0.7096% / 0.00709550 | R5P 29.0Greece_Aposelemis_LBA 24.8Croatia_MLBA 22.8Armenia_LBA_EIA 20.6Italy_Tuscany_Grosseto_Etruscan 2.8Russia_EIA_Sarga tka_IA Target: Kenshiro_scaled Distance: 0.8618% / 0.00861798 | R4P 43.6Croatia_MLBA 35.0Greece_Aposelemis_LBA...
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    How did the ancient Romans turn into Italians ?

    Dna are not people, easy My dna, i'm more relax person, I am from southern Italy, yet both the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans were very different from what I am now
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    G25 Bell Beaker Bronze Age Calculator

    Target: Kenshiro_scaled Distance: 1.7308% / 0.01730786 | ADC: 0.25x RC 44.4GRC_Logkas_MBA 21.0Mycenaean 16.2Armenian_Bronze_Age 11.8Early_Bronze_Age_Bulgaria 6.6Eastern_Corded_Ware_Fatyanovo Target: Kenshiro_scaled Distance: 1.3746% / 0.01374581 38.8Minoan 14.6Catacomb_Culture...
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    G25 G25 imperial Greek shift in Greeks and Italians + a comparison with qpAdm

    Target: Kenshiro_scaled Distance: 1.7354% / 0.01735410 47.4 1.Balkan-NorthEast_Italy_HRV_ALB_anc 20.4 0.Mycenaean_Greek_1350bc 16.8 5.Armenia_Aghitu_20BC 7.2 8.Slavic_RUS_Sunghir_1100AD 2.6 0.Antiquity_Greek(Aegean-West_Anatolia)1-200AD 2.2 9.North_African_Guanche 2.2...
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    Massive migration from the steppe is a source for Indo-European languages in Europe

    Yes, absolutely, this is with ancient analyser from Eupedia
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    Analysing Iron Age Italian samples

    This is mine
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    Genetic study Genomes from 82 Etruscans and Southern Italians.(800 BCE – 1,000 CE).

    Look cool, this is my results with ancient dna analyser from Eupedia, dodecad k12
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    New map of Red Sea (Horn of Africa) admixture

    Hi Kenshiro: If possible, can you post your Dodecad 12B plots using all available samples from all political regions in Italy. Just curios to see the Dodecad 12B as I don't have G25 coordinates (others here I think also do not have G25 coordinates). Cheers, PT Yes absolutely,
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    New map of Red Sea (Horn of Africa) admixture

    This is my plot on G25, and i'm from the Gargano, a plot closer to Tuscany than to Apulia and closer to Umbria than Lazio, in my opinion, central Italy proper (excluding Abruzzo and Molise which are central-southern) is quite homogeneous
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    Same in Americas but only Greenland ahahah
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    You're welcome :)
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    Yes, J1a, but I suppose it is of Neolithic origin, because I have 0% Red Sea
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    I have that too, but the first is Log04 with 95% (Largest chain 1046 SNP), Log02 instead is at 65%, then also Minoans, Samnites, two Viking samples from Foggia haha, very cool haha, in the map I also have a connection with the Greenland, I think it's the Normans, other Greek samples even more...
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    In Ancient Relavites the first population is Ancient Middle Helladic Elati-Logkas Greece 1861 BC 95% higher than others with the same match, I also have other Greek samples, the oldest are two samples from 2827 BC, i'm from Gargano (north-east Apulia)
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    MyTrueAncestry My True Ancestry results

    Thank you very much :)
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    K15 Central and South Italian K15 results

    I honestly do not think puntdnal is good, I plot with the Tuscans, and i am of Apulian origins (southern Italy) from both parents, even if on eurogenes k15 I have a quantity of eastmed of 23% and a quantity of west asian of 16 %, in the Eurogenes plot between Greek sample and Italian Abruzzo
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    MyTrueAncestry My True Ancestry results

    Seleucid + Samnite (6.993) Seleucid + Roman (7.312) Ancient Greek + Seleucid (7.856) Hellenic Roman + Roman (8.33) Seleucid + Hellenic Roman (9.006) Roman (10.38) Samnite (13.68) Hellenic Roman (14.97) Seleucid (15.42) Ancient Greek (16.03) Modern population 1. Greek (8.084) 2. Italian_Abruzzo...