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    LivingDNA Help intepretating livingDNA relatives result.

    Hi there. Ive been messaged by a Romanian which I share impressive 197cm. Im a Portuguese-Brazilian, a eastern Europe connection is possível but virtually unknown. Curiously he shares only 58cm with my father, and from the little we talked I understood he also possesses a myheritage account in...
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    GEDMatch Your favourite Gedmatch calculador?

    Hi! Earlier this year I delved deep inside Gedmatch and Vahaduo tools, being from a Portuguese/Brazilian mix I was searching for subtle genetic shifting in me and my parents. While on other forums ppl tend to automatically recommend Eurogenes I found that Dodecad K12b gave the most reasonable...
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    Vahaduo NEW! All Gedmatch calculators on Vahaduo ON-LINE

    I really miss this Vahaduo.. :(