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    Dari or Turkish

    So which language do you think sounds better in your opinion Dari (original farsi mostly spoken in Afghanistan) or Turkish? Also what do both languages sound like to you?
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    What is MDLP World good for checking?

    So I was wondering what does the MDLP World check for, and what does it mean.
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    Uploading DNA results to FTDNA accuracy?

    Do you think that uploading your DNA results to FTDNA will be accurate, or do you think that it is kind of a rip off? When I did it I noticed a lot of difference in the two tests, or could this just be due to how the two companies cut the lines of different countries? For example the balkans in...
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    Turkic Calculator

    Has anyone done the Turkic Calculator?
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    What do you consider Southeastern Europe

    Do you consider Italy part as Southeastern Europe, as it seems FTDNA considers this as Southeastern Europe, but I think this is wrong. Anyways what do you think of life in the Balkans if you live there?
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    So I did my GED match, so I will list off the results. So originally we are turkish, so I am not sure how close this is to turkish ancestry as this is a little confusing. Eurasia K10 CHG Admixture Proportions CHG I am 19.31, SW Asian 10, Anatolian farmer 18, EHG I am 15, who 39 PERCENT.MDLP K16...
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    Politics Turkey's Future

    Whether you agree with me or not the people have voted, and more then half the population would disagree with you now.
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    Politics Turkey's Future

    You are really going to sit here, and tell me that Ataturk advanced the government more then Erdogan please. This would be a ridiculous statement. You are also going to sit here, and tell me that Ataturk Parliamentary system was a good idea.... Where was Turkey at the time of Ataturk? What did...
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    Politics Turkey's Future

    Correct, but I do not think that is a big issue, as the people have continued to elect Ak Parti, and even though Ak Parti won 51 percent to 48 it was the difference of a million votes, and the entire population did not vote I think the voters were only at 48 Million and Turkey has inside a...
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    Politics Turkey's Future

    No there are many reforms. I will include all the policies that will change from the referendum. Which was very close, and was a real nail bitter. 1 Article 9 The judiciary is required to act on condition of impartiality. 2 Article 75 The number of seats in the Parliament is raised from 550...
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    Politics Turkey's Future

    @Yetos I agree with your point no person can say what is good for Turkey who is a not a Turk, as they are not the people living in the country. The people have continued to vote for AK Parti, and Erdogan so it seems that the majority of people in Turkey are happy with him. It would be the same...
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    Politics Turkey's Future

    This is completely false in my opinion Atatürk did was way worse. How many religious scholars were put to death at the hands of that government? How many people were exiled. Why don't you read about the 80,000 Kurds killed in the Dersim Rebellion agains the government, and you want to sit here...
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    Immigration Ban the burka?

    Yes the women being forced to wear hijab argument has been destroyed thousands of times by scholars not just of the islamic faith, but of the non islamic faith also. Most women are not forced to wear hijab. Yes in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan you are forced to wear hijab, but that is...
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    Politics Turkey's Future

    As the referendum is closing in starting tomorrow what are your opinions on Turkey's future. I am a supporter of Erdoğan, and the AK Parti as I think they have made great accomplishments economically in the country. People criticize Erdoğan, and say that he is a dictator. Atatürk imposed a dress...
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    Eurogenes East European admixture in Eurogenes K10

    This is actually really interesting, but I wonder if these results change depending on the farther down you are in Eastern Europe. Also where did he get these results what company did he use? If he took DNA.
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    Guess Ethnicity

    Guess his ethnicity. Here he is on the right
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    How many of you guys would guess that I was Turkish? If you saw me would you have guessed Turkish?
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    Guess Nationality?

    Guess Nationality/Where could I pass as. Guess Nationality/where could i pass as. I will include link just in case the pictures I uploaded did not work.
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    Red Headed Turks

    Do you think this style of nose is definitely more Turkish looking though then European? I personally think the red hair might have come from Tatar sense I know there is high population up in Karadeniz area (black sea area of Turkey)