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    K12b Modeling with aDNA

    When using this model on west Balkan populations, Corded Ware is chosen as the single biggest component (about 40.0). But if you click "ADD DIST COL" 0.25X, then it chooses Hungary_1180BC as the biggest component and relegates Corded_Ware to second or third place. nMonte3 does the same thing to...
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    K12b Using 'Eupedia Ancient Ethnicities Checker' on modern and ancient populations

    Eurogenes K13 coordinates are: Bosniak_Hercegovina,26.17,23.06,19.93,9.86,16.80,1.88,0.15,0.26,0.35,0.01,1.54,0.00,0.00 Closest matches seem to be Bosniak_Sandzak and Montenegrins, which makes perfect sense historically. After that, it's a bunch of Romanians and Macedonians.
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    K12b Using 'Eupedia Ancient Ethnicities Checker' on modern and ancient populations

    This is very interesting and I thank you for taking the time to shine a little light on our region, Maciamo. I just have a question and an observation. Forgive me if this is an ignorant question but I am just curious why you use the Greek samples and not the actual Bronze Age Illyrian sample...
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    MyTrueAncestry MyTrueAncestry - closest modern countries to ancient ethnicities

    Hope I did this right. I am Bosnian (from Herzegovina to be more precise). Your closest Ancient populations... Gaul + Roman (8.295) Thuringii + Roman (9.488) Gaul + Gallo-Roman (10.75) Gaul (11.29) Thuringii + Gallo-Roman (11.64) Gallo-Roman + Roman (12.04) Roman (12.67) Gallo-Roman (13.99)...
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    K12b Dodecad K12b Ancient West Eurasia [by Eupedia Team]

    Thanks for that, Angela. I suppose it makes some sense; my original top result on Dodecad K12b updated was always "Italy_FriuliVG", followed by Montenegrins, Macedonians, etc. 4.46963712 Italy_FriuliVG 5.93852675 Macedonian 5.95136119 Montenegrin 7.15351662 R.Moldova_South...
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    K12b Dodecad K12b Ancient West Eurasia [by Eupedia Team]

    This is me. I'm somewhat new to these calculators and since I can see that many users here have a much firmer grasp of this subject, I would appreciate if someone explained what this exactly indicates (I mean besides the obvious that the top result is closest to me). What does the "SINGLE" tab...
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    23andMe Share your 23andMe Ancestry Composition

    This is mine. Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina Region: Eastern Herzegovina Southern European: 82.6% Greek & Balkan: 81.9% Broadly Southern European: 0.7% Eastern European: 13.2% Northwestern European: 2.8% British & Irish: 1% French & German: 0.5% Scandinavian: 0.3% Broadly Northwestern...