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    H52: Puzzled By Lack Of Info. Assist Please

    H2a3b Apparently I'm H2a3b, which is depressing as there's no info on my group either. I'm guessing it is geographically based near the Austrian-Czech border but I've got nothing else.
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    Searching for famous R1b-U106 individuals

    Confirming the above info on US Grant. We are not done chasing the SNPs either, testing further via YSEQ at the moment. FGC8579 test pending.
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    New map of R1b-S21 (U106)

    I would love to see a breakdown on L-47*. I have a heck of a time finding any substantial research on this subclad. After 4+ years of research, I've discovered that they were probably Frisian. I'm guessing my family migrated to England as Roman Foederati long before the Anglo-Saxon Invasion, but...
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    Presidential DNA Signatures - is there a list somewhere??

    If there is a list or if someone is keeping track of that sort of thing, Ulysses S. Grant can be added. His DNA has been confirmed as R-L47* (R1b1b2a1a1a4a*) as tested through Family Tree DNA. Four different people who share the same common ancestor as the former President, Matthew Grant, have...
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    I was confirmed L47+ & L48+, still waiting on further updates. But I can't find much info on these subclads. Is it time for maciamo to re-look at this one for impatient people such as me?? :laughing: But seriously, I hope more info comes out soon on these subclads. If anyone can shed any...
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    Height of Dutch and American people

    danishes. :laughing:
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    FTDNA DNA Projects on FTDNA

    R1b1a2a1a1a4a has been confirmed so far (U106+L48+ L47+ U198- L325-)
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    FTDNA DNA Projects on FTDNA

    thanks sparkey! i hope to have more good stuff to share soon as the DNA updates occur. Have a good one!
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    FTDNA DNA Projects on FTDNA

    An interesting discussion on the L47* stuff can be found here: as well as this website: and a comparison of my kit (#115576) and the different Cloud examples acn be found here...
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    FTDNA DNA Projects on FTDNA

    I have 3 Cloud matches to every 1 Grant match at the 25 & 37 marker levels. Both families point to a Warwickshire origin. And the L47* seems to be of Frisian and/or Frisiavones origin from what I can tell.
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    FTDNA DNA Projects on FTDNA

    US Grant's DNA signature
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    SNP L47* or Y-DNA haplogroup R1b1b2a1a1d1* (ISOGG) - "Ivanhoe" Cluster Project??

    I think the "Doggerland" title won't be accurate for this SNP if it is indeed only 1,000 to 2,000 yrs old. It seems that Doggerland would be better for an older SNP. I do however find that theory interesting (the Doggerland inhabitants and their migrations).
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    SNP L47* or Y-DNA haplogroup R1b1b2a1a1d1* (ISOGG) - "Ivanhoe" Cluster Project??

    SNP L47* or Y-DNA haplogroup R1b1b2a1a1d1* (ISOGG) - "Ivanhoe" Cluster Project?? Has anyone here heard of this "Ivanhoe" DNA project/group?? A link to a website with more info is I am doing a deep clad test and am expecting L47* based upon some of my DNA matches...
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    FTDNA DNA Projects on FTDNA

    Yes, U.S. was definately r1b1b2. Subclad will be detirmined later this summer (haven't put through on the test yet). 115576 is our kit. Other known descendants have come up as matches so it is definately confirmed. So I'm assuming it's safe to say that not everyone in this group shares a...
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    FTDNA DNA Projects on FTDNA

    I'm mainly concerned with the Matthew Grant group. I can't see how all the members are related. I think that group should be split into 2 groups. But either way, the Clan seems to want to make a connection where every single person with the surame Grant is descended from it. I just can't see...
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    FTDNA DNA Projects on FTDNA

    I'm currently in a surname project run through Family Tree DNA and I have a feeling the posted results of this project are completely wrong. it seems that the people running the project might have an agenda which is dictating how they are posting the results. For example, they have me in a...