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    Politics Future of Greece

    Greece was one of the key NATO countries and capitalst block intentionally pumped it with money in order to prevent socialist revolution and to show neighbouring countries that capitalism is great. Western banks continued this in even larger extent after desintegration of socialist block for...
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    Y-DNA of Arbereshe vs Albanians vs Southern Italians

    Southern Albanians assimilated one significant number of Slavs in the middle ages, northern very little. Arbareshe colonists descend from southernmost parts of Albanian people, according to the Arbareshe dialect We lack Albanian STR haplotypes on 37 or more markers in order to compare them the...
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    What is your y-haplogroup?

    N1a P189.2
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    Who were and are the Albanians and their DNA

    Your mother is serv, nobody asked you anything
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    Who were and are the Albanians and their DNA

    In the begining , proto-Albanian speakers were living north of the Black Sea, along with proto Slavs. I beleive that at that time they were predominantly R1b L23* . Later they moved gradualy across Carpatian mountains and Beskides to the inner Balkans , and lived side-by side with...
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    What is the most interesting Y-DNA haplogroup?

    At this moment, for me, most interesting is my haplogroup N1a P189.2 :)
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    What DNA tests have you done?

    Still none of the tests, but I hope that I will get some money these days, so I can do y dna test on 12 markers finally, altough my final goal is to do a test on 37 markers. I will do FTDNA test because they have test on 12 markers, they are the cheapest and I can add money later to upgrade the...
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    E1b1b1a1b (V-13): Balkan or Middle Eastern?

    First carrier of e-v13 probably came to Europe from the direction of near east, but very very long time ago, and e-v13 gradually spread over most of Europe before indoeuropeans came, so e-v13 is an very old european haplogroup, as much as g2a, there's no any doubt about that. As more ancient DNA...