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    how accurate haplo prediction is with 20 markers

    hi i recieved my result with 20 DYS i can only get answere with 60% probablity.k2 how accurate is this answere? shall i assume i am k2 or it could be some thing else? Y-DNA STR Results 20 Certified STR Markers DYS19 16 DYS385a 14 DYS385b 14 DYS388 13 DYS389i 13 DYS389ii 29 DYS390 23...
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    Y dna haplogroup T

    hi i know my paternal linage back to 1730 from city of shiraz from a lore tribe called zand and i found i have Y HG T. i wonder which ancient peoplein iran or mesoptamie had this kind of Y HG before arrival of aryans with R1a y hg ? regards