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    Religion What's your religion ?

    Who says? Who says so? How is it that someone other than myself defines my faith? My faith. That is kind of a personal thing, isn't it? Besides, not all of those points are entirely undefensible. Let us examine just one, for the sake of argument. Like "believe that God made the world in 7...
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    the evils mankind does to one another

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    the evils mankind does to one another

    Nothin' new here! Although it was a work of fiction, the author Robert Ruark wove an ugly and graphic description of the treatment that was given to Mau-Mau gangsters unlucky enough to be "taken into custody." Denied by the Colonial government as well as HM ministers back in London, Ruark's...
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    Which period of (Western) history are you interested in?

    Following instructions.... I am defining the "other" and that is military history. Because it is so expansive--it starts with the first time men picked up sticks and stones and goes on to the present--it is at once a field that is almost too vast to study effectively and yet is one that is...
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    How tolerant are you ?

    Manslaughter? Manslaughter is a felony in most of the penal codes with which I have become familiar. But, since felonious conduct is viewed differently in other cultures--you did say that didn't you?--manslaughter may be viewed as a misdemeanor crime in Europe, I dunno. Again, it would depend...
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    Question What (outstanding) aptitudes do you have ?

    Six hunnert clams? I do not need to know that badly! Not for $600! Since the application of my life is pretty much a done-deal, it will benefit me not to find out neither! But for those who have nothing better to do with their money, and who want to know (and to be able to brag about) their...
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    Debate Q7: In any profession, which would you rather have; money or fame?

    Appropriate Compensation For the things that I have done, both in service of the public weal and for my own personal edification, I have been notoriously underpaid. Such is the lot of professional warriors in a republic, and civil servants everywhere. Ergo, if that is the choice I would want...
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    What types of Books do you read?

    Since I mentioned it... There are even more, now! I must admit that I have not been given the training of a classic chef, but the "cook-it-yerself" cook books make it possible for even clots like me to whip up a decent meal. Currently my cook books and my on-line access are leaning toward the...
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    Philosophy Philosophical Question Number 6

    I would go get knee-walking, gutter-crawling, face-down-on-the-sidewalk drunk and stay that way until the comet/meteor/whatever hits us square in the bass fiddle! How badly will it hurt me if we only have two days left? Beati hispani, qvibvs vivere bibere est
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    Question Shame-driven or Guilt-driven ?

    "I'm a Catholic. I can feel guilty about anything!" ADA Ben Stone, Law & Order That pretty much sums it up. As a Roman Catholic I was brought up to feel guilty about everything. I have shed a lot of those feelings as much as possible over the years, but I do not think that they have ever...
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    Wearing shoes inside your home: hot or not?

    When I was on Okinawa, I followed the custom--when in Rome, you do as the Romans. I had no difficulty with the practice and it became second nature. When I came home at night to the barracks, I removed my boondockers and left them just inside the door for my housekeeper to shine--my best boots...
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    Debate Q5: What happens to you after you die?

    It bespeaks little of my belief.... But I do not know. If I happened to be a committed Christian, I would have absolute faith and answer unhesitatingly about a hereafter. If I regarded all faith equally valueless I would answer the opposite way. But I lack the conviction of my own words to...
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    What types of Books do you read?

    I checked off so many categories that I had to go back and make certain that I picked only the correct ones. I cannot believe that I am the only one who reads cook books. Aren't any of you out there trying to make something really good to eat? The entire Forum cannot be eating either...
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    Pre-emptive strike or dialogue

    Pre-emptive strike? I usually am against unilateral military intervention of any kind. It does not have a long track record of success. However, we are already at war with radical Islam, so the idea of a pre-emptive strike seems kind of redundant. What would we hit, and with what? In...
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    How Have You Been Affected By American Entertainment?

    Not being a guitarist, I am in no way qualified to endorse or to reject that statement. However, comma, could not the same thing be said about any other instrument?
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    Debate Q4: Can an extreme exist without it's opposite extreme?

    Sulk not, old man! These are not criticisms of your objective, if criticisms at all they are. It is the method. Keep in mind, you are the only one asking the questions at all at this time. That says something about you, and something very worthy at that. My compliments, sir.
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    What is your ideal democracy?

    *dryly* I know what the word means, index. My question was more about what you meant in your prior statement. I am still not certain, but at least now I know you are being a literalist.
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    Debate Q4: Can an extreme exist without it's opposite extreme?

    I am impressed. Getting away from lexico's excellent post for a moment, I do think that more so than the previous posts on philosophical questions this one begins with a predetermined agenda. It would be easier to respond if that was more candid and clear. I do not believe that all rights...
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    What is your favourite period in British history ?

    Skip Stonehenge and stop at--but not including--the Great War. Thanks.
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    Seppuku I think it is less a matter of fulfilling honor than it is to avoid shame and humiliation. The traditional form of "belly cuts" is also a difficult death to perform with grace, so it was looked upon by peers as an honorable way to "exit, stage right" when the time warranted it (in the...