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    Turkmen closer to Azeris , Turks or to Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks ? ( DNA, Mongoloid )

    Please tell me what you think. Are Turkmens closer to Turkey/Azerbaijan or other Central Asian Turks? Why I think they are closer to Azeris, Turks - Linguistically, Turkmen belongs to the Oghuz -Turkic group unlike other who belong to the Kipchak-Turkic group. - Of all Central Asian Turks...
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    Mongols / Mongolian Turks caucasian average DNA: 1%. 5%, 10% , 15% , 19% ?

    Too many different results. East Mongolians make up like 9/10 out of Mongolia's population where as West Mongolians ( a Turkic region ) make up only 1/10. Who's the real Mongolians? east or west ? I keep seeing different Caucasian DNA results for Mongolians. Some studies shows them...
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    Non-pure Mongoloid. Cambodians, Mongolian, Thais , Southeast Asian.

    The least non-Asian groups. ( I'm not including central Asians ). These 3 are the least Asian genetically in the East Asia/Southeast Asia world. Cambodians have 18-23% South Indian australoids/Caucasian DNA Thais have 18-24% South Indian and Negrito DNA admixture Mongolians have 3-5%...
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    Central Asian paternal Y-DNA ( Turkish chart ) Mongoloid Caucasian haplogroup

    Note: The data is written in both Englisn and Turkish. ( To those who don't know ) All these are either Mongoloid/Asian paternal Y-DNA or European/White paternal Y-DNA. Mongoloid male Y-DNA C3/C2 = Typical of Mongolian, Buryats, Tunguistic, and common in Manchus, Korean N = Typical of East...
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    Haplogroup N or N1c = Mongoloid ( is this proven already ? )

    I understand there is still a debate but is it proven that haplogroup N1c is Mongoloid ? The study: " Northwest Siberian Khanty and Mansi in the junction of West and East Eurasian gene pools as revealed by uniparental markers " It claims haplogroup N ( N2 and N3 ) in Europe and Siberis...
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    Classify Taiwanese aborigines. Are they Ainu , Jomon , Polynesian, Caucasian ?

    Some of these guys even look like southern Turkic types living in Caucasus, Iran. Seediq females
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    So it's official that Original Turks , Xiongnu, Huns, Gokturks were Mongoloid?

    Based on at-DNA and anthropology of ancient and medieval Turks seems to suggest they were Mongoloid and part Mongoloid ( from 1/5 to 4/5 Mongoloid ). How else do we explain these signfificant East Eurasian / Mongoloid admixture in modern Turkish population? ( Note: Mongoloid admixture is only...
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    Is Haplogroup C6 in australoid ? found in La brana australoid

    Do Ainu really look like these people? Could polynesians look Ainu with white skinned and extra beard? There are a few polynesian tribe that produces long beards but ussually few. For example these polynesian chiefs have more beard. Just like the Ainu and Jomons, there is no trace of...
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    Is Haplogroup C6 in australoid ? found in La brana australoid

    But C3 is clearly Eastern Eurasian. It reachest as high as 61-90% in the evenki and other Tungustic tribes and autosomal DNA seems to show they are 100% Mongoloid/East Asia with no sign of caucasian or australoid admixture. I'm just surprised most of the groups who carried haplogroup C are...
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    Is Haplogroup C6 in australoid ? found in La brana australoid

    I'm guessing the original carrier of haplogroup C1a2 look like Australian aborigines existed since they 42,000 years ago. Very strange looking race. Straight haired, but super broad/wide noses and fat lips. They don't look African blacks but they look nowhere close to Caucasian or Mongoloid...
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    Is Haplogroup C6 in australoid ? found in La brana australoid

    Is strange and weird how C5 is found high frequencies in southern india tribe but is much more diverse in north india. pakistan. Could C5 be ancestor of C6? My impression of La brana is that of a south Indian australoid with blue eyes. Is not that uncommon to find South Indian tribals (0%...
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    Is Haplogroup C6 in australoid ? found in La brana australoid

    I understand that haplogroup C3 is Mongoloid related with Mongolians, Buryats, Evenkis Manchus, Koreans and dated around 11,000 years ago. But Australian aborigines C4 is like 42,000 years ago. C1 is possibly a jomon marker? C2 is typical of Australoids like Papuans C4 is typical of...
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    Finns weren't N but I haplogroup originally

    Haplogroup N in Finland and Europe would have spread by males who like western Uralic people ( example: Udmurts, Mordvins, Maris ) who are all 8.5% to 39% Mongoloid genetically. Where as Eastern Uralic males such (example: Nenets, Khanty, Mansi) are all 40 - 90% Mongoloid. You be expecting...
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    Finns weren't N but I haplogroup originally

    Ngannasan Y-DNA N 95% Now let's look at the autosomal DNA study.... this destroys your argument that N was not mongoloid. 15 testes samples 10 samples are = 100% pure Mongoloid /Siberian 1 Sample = 100% Mongoloid with different Siberian admixture 2 sample = a mixture...
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    Finns weren't N but I haplogroup originally

    You obviously didn't know about this. Outer Mongolians only make up 33% of Mongols population and aside from that part of what is Mongolia today included Turkic land in west Mongolia, including parts of central. That is why there is so many freaking Turkic people like Kazakhs and Tuvans and...
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    Finns weren't N but I haplogroup originally

    I have known these study from last year Lol the problem in this study is it tested Khoton Mongol, Zakhchin, Urainkhai who are all Turkified Mongol except for maybe UrainKhai who also have 0 R. Khalka Mongolian 78.8 percent is of Mongolia's population ( 4 out of 5 ), the rest are minorities...
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    Finns weren't N but I haplogroup originally

    Their R1a and Q is not significant, most studies shows Mongols only have 4% R1a and 5% Q. The nature of Journal science shows haplogroup N in Europe among Finns, Sammi have a Eastern Eurasian origin rather than Western Eurasian origin
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    Finns weren't N but I haplogroup originally

    Lol the stuff I posted is better than any indenial Finns or Swedes ( who also have 7.5% N and would rather claim it as Caucasian ). Undeniable fact. (Wether you accept this or not is your problem ) 1) All modern Uralic speaking people are mixture of Mongoloid and Caucasoid, and they are...
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    Genghis Khan was part Turk , ancient Turks were white with red hair and green eyes .

    I think they adopted from the Xiongnu.... who were a mix race people. The Xiongnu were predominately Turkic Mongoloid with some Indo-European admixture. It's amazing how the Xiongnu had surpassed the Scythians, Iranic, and other Caucasian people. The Xiongnu were predominately Mongoloid race...
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    Cuman & Kipchak influence on European genetics?

    They were described with blonde hair and blue eyes, not with red hair but those description only seem to existed after mixing with Kipchaks it seems. Anyway I don't think Cumans were Caucasoids. Read what it said about their skeletons in wikipedia. " The results suggested that the...