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    Hey! My results on FTDNA simply say "HV". When I ran my RSRS values through I came up with HV0 as my best match. Makes sense as I have marker 16298C. Are there any other sites I can run my results through and figure out what subclade I'm in without paying...
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    How accurate are FTDNA My Origins?

    Of my 8 great grandparents, 3 were British Isles, 2 were Scandinavian, 1 Italian and 1 German, and 1 English/German mix. This is all for certain. My Origins breakdown on FTDNA is: British Isles 64% Scandinavia 11% Western/Central Europe 9% Eastern Europe 6% Eastern Middle East 5% Asia minor 5%...
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    L-21, RZ253 with paternal ancestry from Germany

    Hello I have a (mostly) documented family tree going back to Southwestern Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg. My oldest direct paternal ancestor was born there in 1621. No Irish, English, Scottish, or Iberian input on my paternal line from 1621 until now. I have the confirmed...