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    Reverse Culture Shock

    This caught my eye, but maybe my parents live in another America, or they just know better service people! Service In the States, true, difficult to get people to come the same day, unless it really is an emergency. But they usually come within a range of time (or earlier). In Japan, it...
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    What does "respect" actually means ?

    Good thread Maciamo. Word meanings are a common area of pitfalls for my students, as they often might intend an obscure meaning within a sentence where the usual meaning would be quite different. Another problem is often the register of their expression as well, with intended casual responses...
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    Seasonal food in Europe

    You're right Kinsao, and lot of fruit and vegtables are grown in hot houses now, so it is confusing when something is in season. Here in Japan my wife buys strawberries year round.
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    What makes Europeans similar between each others, as opposed to Americans

    What we Americans call 'caller ID'. Quite a few Americans use that too, but of course that doesn't help id your friend who calls from a payphone (maybe his cell is dead, or he doesn't have a cellphone). What we Americans call the 'call waiting' feature (it's available in Japan too). I agree...
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    Immigration Legalising the act of begging

    A shame this topic languished. You often get more people in Europe I think on the dole as the benefits are generally more generous than some other countries. My wife and I when we stayed in the Baker Street area in London used to see the same woman every day asking for spare change. I was...
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    Haplogroup N and the Finns

    Maciamo, Very interesting, thanx for the info, a lot to digest. True, I love Nordic skiiing!
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    What makes Europeans similar between each others, as opposed to Americans

    There is a volume setting on the answering machine, so if you don't wish to hear it it can be turned down while you're sleeping, though usually the answering machine is not in the bedroom. One reason people want to hear iy sometimes is that they screen calls, because they may not wish to talk...
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    Greatest British contribution to the world ?

    I didn't know it was under the Nestle brand now, still haven't seen it unless they changed the name too. You best explain it to a pub full of Scotsman then, but make sure an exit is handy if you wish to avoid flying bottles.
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    Greatest British contribution to the world ?

    From what I understand, one of the leading chemists was British. I met a colleague of his when traveling in Japan, and he told me at the time it was released the said chemist was a minor celebrity in the UK. I didn't say they wanted to be remembered for it, I just said that they are. Tiptree...
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    Films & Series WWII : tragic or comic ?

    Hmm Macimo, you always seem to hit a nerve. I noticed this thread has been dead for a while. Yes, the Americans seem to be serious over WWII, though you noticed MASH which portrays doctors working in the VIetnam conflict, is very humourous( and gut wrenching at times). You say the French never...
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    Greatest British contribution to the world ?

    Language would stand out for me. Sorry IMO the food brands aren't quite international, excepting Liptons and Whittards maybe. As to inventions, yes, Viagra appears to be a milestone!
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    Ordering coffee in France

    This seemed to be worse, sorry I didn't keep the receipt. There was more than just a table charge. Unfortunately, this is quite common in Pisa and I have heard in Rome as well. At least at some of the restaurants, the charges are posted; tableware, cheese, pepper and salt, etc.., but I still...
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    Ordering coffee in France

    Got you Maciamo, I misread what you meant by being 'ripped off'. I would think that would be more a case of not getting what you expected. When they charge fo silverware and using pepper and salt in Pisa, Italy, that's a rip off! As to getting a bigger cup of coffee, I always look forward to...
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    Ordering coffee in France

    I noticed several of these are just variations of expresso (or un express). As to prices, I've always been charged what was on the menu, so I think it's less of a problem than you think (tourists being riped off).
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    What are Europeans' views on American English accent?

    Would depend on the etxt, but it is certainly an error (England =UK). Maciamo, I never said they're not, I just told you what the ones I spoke to said. To quote your 'bible', the Lonely Planet also said it's an insult to most Scots to be called British. Have to take your word for it, but my...
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    What are Europeans' views on American English accent?

    Many Scots take exception to being called British. And Irish in Ireland are not part of Britain (UK).
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    What are Europeans' views on American English accent?

    Good point Boru, Irish and Scottish speakers are often overlooked and certainly they sound different than British speakers. We sometimes lump N. American speakers together as well, but a lot of Canadians don't like it (whether they are Anglo or Franco speakers). But then, ay, what can you do, ay...
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    For or against Saddam Hussein's execution ?

    I guess because some people felt the trial was rigged or at least prejudiced aganist a proper legal defense with the execution being a foregone conclusion. Personally, yes, it seems to be for the better, though some people also objected to the timing (on a Muslim holiday) and the manner of the...
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    What are Europeans' views on American English accent?

    I'll dig up some threads for you when I have time. Some of the US slang is newer, primarily because American English changes a lot more than British English (we like to create words more often, something Prince Charles once criticized). The main dialects are fewer (5-6), but as I stated earlier...
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    Question How important is it for you to live in a nice house/neighbourhood ?

    That's interesting, so it should be easy to get a 'nice' looking house cheaply as long as you're not too worried about property values (or possibly crime).