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    Only H1 on 23andme = rare haplogroup?

    I read 23andme tests all the most populous H1 subclades, and found a list. I accounted for 14 subclades of H1 not tested on 23andme. Half of those are Germanic and British in origin, the other half are Iberian in origin, 2 of which are Basque. We are Madeiran. So so I can only assume we are...
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    Geno 2.0 Regional Populations for NG 2.0 Helix Version

    Are there any updates to when the raw data will be complete? Or at the very least when a program will be able to analyze the current available data?
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    Post your Iberian Jewish results

    I am curious what a typical person from Iberia (Spain, Portugal) who has Jewish in their results looks like in their whole make up. Jewish came as a surprise for my catholic grandfather and was wondering how to tell how long ago it was. My Madeiran grandfathers results: 56% SW European 6%...
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    E-L542 from Madeira, all snps downstream negative except V27 not yet tested

    Would like some Y-DNA guidance, as all subregions except one was tested and came back negative. I see people on the forums claim they're Thracian, or some other ancient lineage and since I'm fairly new to this, idk how anyone can tell that, but if someone could gleam anything from these results...