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    GEDMatch HarappaWorld Gedmatch, post and compare your admixtures to ancient and contemporary.

    Me: NE-Euro 48.23 Mediterranean 31.37 Baloch 9.38 Caucasian 8.44 SW-Asian 1.21 S-Indian 0.61 Beringian 0.46 American 0.15 Pygmy 0.14 My mom: NE-Euro 47.37 Mediterranean 29.39 Caucasian 10.57 Baloch 8.86 SW-Asian 1.12 NE-Asian 0.75 S-Indian 0.68 American 0.45 San 0.43 Pygmy 0.22 Beringian 0.17...
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    MDLP MDLP K16 Modern

    This is the only calculator that gets it right so I ignore all others now. All of my ancestors immigrated to America from England hundreds of years ago. A few came from Ireland and Germany. This is the only calculator that accurately reflects the influence of Anglo Saxons and Normans on England...