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    Where to do a DNA test?

    I was born in Boğazliyan (Yozgat) and raised in Boğazliyan and Kayseri. There are no legacy's of migration from or to in our area's I know my history well. I've spoken with many eldern men from the village about this.
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    Where to do a DNA test?

    Thanks alot! I think I will use this one
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    Where to do a DNA test?

    There are no Arnavut's in central Anatolia but mostly in western Turkey having population of around 3-4 million. There are more Bosnians, Bulgarians then Arnavut's combining 8-9 million. There were no migrations from the balkans to our places.
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    Do you have an "Anatolian bump" at the back of your head?

    I do have that same bump as beying explained. And I am Anatolian
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    The danger of mobile phones for health

    Hey you are in Finland, go to Nokia HQ and tell them to solve this problem :D
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    Studying at university in Europe in English

    I reccommend you to pay a look at HAN university of applied sciences in Arnhem Holland. It's the best International business school in Holland. Studied there my self for a year.
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    Best European city for quality of living ?

    Istanbul is a fun and adventures city to live in but it's a chaos, just like athens
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    How many languages can you can speak ?

    Turkish Dutch German English Spanish (starter) Bosnian (starter) Swedish (starter)
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    Where to do a DNA test?

    Thanks for the reply Thrace and Maciamo. I looked in to the both test's and it's pretty good, although isn't there any cheaper (I'm a student!:) ) And isn't there any that just says ok after your dna result inspections the results say that you are this and that. I don't know much about the...
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    Where to do a DNA test?

    Thanks for the reply guys, but what I'm looking for is a cheap (I'm a student :D) one. I found out about iGenea but I don't find that very reliable. Thanks
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    Genetic make-up of Europe

    Interesting. I am Anatolian born and raised in a place called Bogazliyan between Yozgat and Kayseri so at the direct middle of Turkey and Anatolia. I always wonderd why me and my fam. looked liked Greeks and also from the people of the Balkans..
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    Where to do a DNA test?

    Hello everybody, I really want to do a DNA test about my history, and was wondering what my ancestors were.. As you know that Turkey is a cocktail of people, I have a feeling and some knowledge that I do have Indo-European background a high chance of beying J2.. I have a picture uploaded on...
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    How did Haplogroup N reach Anatolia?

    what makes you say that? Interesting..
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    Help for Edinburgh

    Hello people, I am visiting Edinburgh Scotland in October and I was wondering if there was people who have been there or even better living there could help me out. I was wondering what kind of experiance and suggestions you have to share. I want to visit historical places during day time and...
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    Serb and Croat genes

    I went to Macedonia, and it's an interesting issue concerning on where they look the most at. If you ask me it's a mix between Slavic and ancient Hellenes. But I'd have to go for the Slavic majority in Macedonia