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  1. Jackson

    K36 Post your K36 maps, lets see how similar you are to each country

    Here's ones for my family. All documented ancestry is from the British Isles, and a distant part from France on my mothers side (0.2%). Me: Father: Grandfather: Grandmother: Mother: Aunt: Partner:
  2. Jackson

    Eurogenes Post Your Eurogenes K13 Vahaduo Results(Modern & Ancient)

    Results for me: Modern: Distance to: Modern 3.26374019 Dutch_South 3.49156126 Flemish 3.49335083 German_Rhineland-Palatinate_East_of_Rhine 3.76338943 Belgian 4.83315632 English_Southeast 5.15294091 Dutch 5.20698569 German_North_Hesse 5.22026819 German 5.26338294...
  3. Jackson

    President Andrew Jackson belonged to haplogroup I1

    This is interesting, as a lot of the I1 Jacksons seem to come from around Yorkshire, and my Grandfather in his old age shares something of a resemblance.
  4. Jackson

    UKIP on the rise

    I mean look at this for example. Can't just be for us, the native population is in decline:
  5. Jackson

    UKIP on the rise

    The problem is that we have a liberal-leftist elite who like labelling anything moderately right wing as far right, and perpetually associate it with fascism, and scaremonger quite a lot. Most of the ordinary people in this country, (more the older generations, but some of the younger...
  6. Jackson

    Immigration Percentage of births in Spain from Spanish Parents 2002 vs. 2012

    This is going to have extreme consequences 50 or 100 years down the line. The people pushing for this trend across Europe are either very naive or very malevolent, i like to think it's the former, and that they are misguided out of good will rather than bad will. Naive and short-sighted.
  7. Jackson

    23andMe Calling all Lactose intolerants autosomal Genetics

    I remember there was a Roman account of Britain in which those close to continent (presumably in the lowland areas in the south and east) had an agricultural diet similar to that in nearby areas on the continent, but people much further inland who they knew less about relied more heavily on milk...
  8. Jackson

    is france more germanic then england?

    I mean looking at the population averages i posted there, even the Cornish who are English influenced are still much heavier in 'Atlantic' as opposed to 'North Central Euro' So i don't think a transition from even a Cornish-like population to one dominated by North Central Euro by the addition...
  9. Jackson

    is france more germanic then england?

    According to a fairly recent place-name study, it seems possible that while many came from traditional areas, a lot of them (i guess more of the families and lower class people) might have come from the point where the north sea meets the English channel, in Belgium/France/southern Netherlands...
  10. Jackson

    is france more germanic then england?

    Here's one from Eurogenes as well, the population averages from the EUtest. In the Jtest (the sister of the EUtest) the populations in NW Europe form 3 main groups in a dendrogram, pretty much corresponding to West Germanic North Germanic and Celtic, i organised them into those groups here to...
  11. Jackson

    Mapping admixtures

    Hmm this makes no sense to me, i did notice some of the samples are really low.
  12. Jackson

    Late Hallstatt/early La Tène mtDNA

    So literally, the 'near-men'?
  13. Jackson

    Guess the Y-haplogroup(s) of Mesolithic Iberians (Braña 1 & 2)

    Yeah it would seem that way to me as well for the most part.
  14. Jackson

    Guess the Y-haplogroup(s) of Mesolithic Iberians (Braña 1 & 2)

    Given that many in the Classical world, and also the Medieval world were mad about how they looked (copious use of wigs, make-up etc), i don't think we have changed that significantly in mindset in regards to sexual selection over the last couple of thousand of years, unless it is just something...
  15. Jackson

    amazing discovering in Georgia

    Yes, to me it seems likely that this puts a question on how far we can split up ancient remains into different groups reliably, as the phenotypical variation of this group spans an area that would cross multiple boundaries. I guess we won't know for sure unless it is certainly determined that...
  16. Jackson

    Which one is the best (Dodecad, Eurogenes, Harappaworld)?

    Yeah that's odd, i guess it's just saying you are more to the northeast than most other Basque, for some reason? It's probably the most accurate for my family overall.
  17. Jackson

    New map of R1b-S28 (U152)

    Is there one for L21, U106, other S116 etc from the same source? Hmm found this one for S145/L21, seems oddly low in many parts to me, the east and southeast agrees with busby, but many other areas don't:
  18. Jackson

    How to distinguish the Y-DNA of various Germanic invaders in England ?

    Seems possible. Afterall there seems to have been a significant Frisian contribution but they go unmentioned in most historical texts, and some earlier authors have considered the possibility of a small contingent of Wends as well, or perhaps scattered amongst other groups, based on...
  19. Jackson


    The tribes are bigger, but they're still tribes. Globalism is simply forming a bigger tribe, of course you don't really see it yet because we're in transition. By taking sides against people who hold these views, you yourself are being driven by similar instincts with similar effects, to those...
  20. Jackson

    Iron Age British Steel

    Interesting! Apparently it was being done in the early medieval period in England too, fascinating to see it had been going on much, much earlier in the British Isles.