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  1. ghazi du

    Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: Ghazan Khan (Chingiz khans heir) O-M175 / ancientDNA

    Currently Iranian scholars are doing dozens of ancient DNA tests of khans and shahs in iranian region. So it turns out that direct descendant - great-grandson of Chengis Khan Ghazan is O2. Full test results of all tests including this one is planned to reveal in 2022...
  2. ghazi du

    My grandfather,Chinese,hui people,T1a-Z709-Y46771

    我的祖父是中国的少数民族。Haplotype is T1a3b2a1b一些回族祖先来自中东,比如祖父的祖先祖先。你有关于这种单倍型的信息吗?我的英语不是很好。我的语气非常谦虚和友好。