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  1. ConfusedCelt

    LivingDNA Problems with Living Dna?

    I am also curious, I got T1a a pretty rare haplogroup and no African DNA showed up in my ancestry even though my ancestor was a Dutch colonial administrator who married a Cameroonian woman and this is even recorded in family records and showed up in my uncle's DNA test.
  2. ConfusedCelt

    I have T1a2b1a, am I descended from Carthaginians/Phonecians?

    All the rest of my ancestry was Celtic and Saxon/Scandinavian. But I had a tiny sliver of DNA titled "Balari" and I looked it up and they were a Nuragic people. And my YDNA is Haplogroup T1a2... My father is from the Netherlands and my mother is from Ireland. Where did this come from? Did it...