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    R1b: Lost Tribes of Israel Found?

    There are websites, or blogs, which claim that R1b is one of the lost tribes, in particular of the Leahites. It was it's Eliayhu if you search DNA and the Tribes on google....however, there is no solid evidence R1b U152: Reuben (Franks) R1b DF27: Simeon (Iberian Celts) R1b...
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    R1b DF19 calling all carriers of this Y DNA

    A relative is listed as R - DF19 with one direct match in England and one direct match in Sweden on the 37 marker test. I've read varying results from Family Tree said 7 matches in Sweden, another said 17 matches in Sweden. It is found in England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden...
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    R1b DF19 Vikings

    Does anyone have a shaded map for R1b DF19 Y - DNA? I've seen maps for R1b L2, R1b U152, R1b U106, and R1b DF27.... It seems R1b DF19 is found in southern Scandinavia, found among Saxons and Vikings.