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    Take a Stab at My Ethnic Heritage and/or Racial Composition

    I'm curious to see how others perceive my ethnic heritage and/or racial composition. I'd also be curious to hear which countries ya'll think I could pass in. I'll reveal after a good few attempts!
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    Nutrition Tea, coffee and chocolate: which is better for health?

    I don't think addictivity is being factored in. Because coffee and tea contain caffeine, a psychologically addictive component, they are more unhealthy long-term, as they produce a desire to consume more. Thus, chocolate is healthiest in my humble opinion.
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    Intelligence Does IQ exist for animals?

    Is IQ a construct that only makes sense in the context of humanity?
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    Opinions on CRISP

    I was curious what ya'll thought of CRISPR on a level purely of danger/health, as opposed to philosophy and religion.