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    Will all people of the world mix creating one race in the future?

    Perhaps it is time to admit, or consider that we have always been one race with various groups physically impacted by their environment. One race made up of different haplogroups. Science will make 'race' a thing of the past.
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    DNA Tribes, is this a joke ?

    DNA Tribes is the last organization that gave me a report using my FTDNA results. While I can't vouch for their testing capability, their analysis of the data was right on target and aligned with Family Tree's report. Moreover, since I had also tested with Genographic 2.0, I had three reports in...
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    Albanian U5b2a1a

    U5 is really spread out over most of Europe, among other regions. I see a U5b2a1a in Drenas, Gllobar and another in Finland in the U5 project on Family Tree. I'm a U5b2a2b1 with most of my recent maternal ancestry (150 years) coming from England and the Palatine in Germany, and older ancestry...
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    Geno 2.0 Geno 2.0 results

    I found that the differences in results from FT to Geno 2 were slight. There are a number of on line systems you can run your raw data through which is what I have done. Every model/system that has evaluated my results agrees with FT and Geno 2 which I pretty much anticipated would happen. I...
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    Geno 2.0 Geno 2.0 results

    Hello fellow J-PF7394. Like you, I am on the early part of the learning curve on the result(Geno 2.0). My Y results are the same as yours and confirmed the Y results from Family Tree a year ago. I did the Geno 2 test as I am more interested at the moment in ancestral information than finding...