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    Dodecad Dodecad euro7

    i really wanted to try this calculator, downloading the diy base and then winzip to unzip and then opening the readme and finding i had to download something called 'r' gave me an ulcer. will we ever see any of these calculators on gedmatch?
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    GEDMatch Different values on Gedmatch with two different companies

    while the spit that you sent to both companies (the raw-est data of them all!) may have been the same, i doubt either company fully unravels your genome. ancestry is said to examine about 700 000 of your snps, whereas ftdna only 690 000-ish, suggesting that the numbers get a bit squished with...
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    Eurogenes East European admixture in Eurogenes K10

    Here are mine, these are from ancestrydna results South Asian - Caucasus 18.92 Southwest Asian 7.95 North Amerindian + Arctic - Siberian 1.14 Mediterranean 21.50 East Asian - West African - East European 25.35 North Atlantic 25.1
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    K13 Highest "Baltic" scores in Eurogenes K13 / K15

    it's funny, milda muciek shows up as a cousin of mine, with the connection being 5 generations back.
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    GEDMatch Gedmatch One-to-many question

    I know this should probably be a given, but I've googled before and wasn't able to find something definitive, but, what is the significance of having shared centimorgans on x-dna? I initially thought it could help determine which side of my lineage I'd be related to someone, but being female I...
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    K36 Tool for K36: your similarities rates on maps

    Ha, truly, it's bizarre that northern greece shows less similarity than what appears to be southern greece? Also, what are peoples' theories on why Sardinians are such outliers? I just always assumed they were similar to Italians....
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    K36 Tool for K36: your similarities rates on maps

    mine :) no cool gradient shading unfortunately, the numbers alone will have to do :(
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    K36 K36 from Eurogenes

    Sile, may I ask what your approx ancestry is? It's hard to tell from the oracle, also, how does one get on this new fangled system and get it to spit out gaussian results? i assume its behind a pay wall but i want in
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    FTDNA Share your updated MyOrigins results

    yeah, it also seems to be thrown by the fact that they still don't have a proper balkan category, which i think may explain some of the more ...?! admixtures
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    FTDNA Share your updated MyOrigins results

    yeah boreas, you or your brother's totally absent west europe 20% seems a little off!
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    FTDNA Share your updated MyOrigins results

    Hi King John, I'm macedonian, but I get a lot of East and West Med on my gedmatch results, so that could be it!
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    FTDNA Share your updated MyOrigins results

    i think the consensus is the groupings seem pretty slapdash, and it seems to be throwing off the results. i didn't really read the brief, i suppose some of the surprises people have had in their 2.0 results could possibly be explained by it being deep ancestry, but it seems like they threw some...
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    FTDNA Share your updated MyOrigins results

    hm, it almost looks like they took that sephardic percentage from your southern european result. i'm curious to know what they look for in order to distinguish between ashkenazi and sephardic ancestry, because same, i dont have any north african or iberian trace regions, however i do know that...
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    FTDNA Share your updated MyOrigins results

    Did you feel your earlier results were better representative? I'm curious about that with my own results, 17% is sizeable for Sepharic ancestry to just be noise, but as someone with no known Jewish ancestry it's likelier that it's the result of certain clusters regions being redrawn.
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    FTDNA Share your updated MyOrigins results

    post your updated autosomal FTorigins! FT has added new regions to their origins reports and people have commented on having significant changes in their results. Anyone checked their report recently? here are mine, previous results had me at about 40% southern and eastern euro each, and 20%...
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    ancestry genetic communities

    Ancestry has rolled out this new project, honing in on what "ethnic community" your more recent ancestors (the past hundred as opposed to the past thousands of years). Anyone else seen this? What communities do you guys belong to? Mine only gives southeastern european, and under the "surnames...
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    help interpreting this promethease result?

    HLA-B*5701 carrier risk for hypersensitivity to various drugs including abacavir This genotype is associated with an HIV viral load 1 log (10 fold) lower than the most common genotype (rs2395029(T;T)). Possible 2x higher risk for psoriasis See also rs2395029 and HIV. The (G) allele frequency...
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    assistance interpreting this Promethease result?

    apologies for the spamming, i dont know how to delete posts!
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    MDLP MDLP K11 Modern

    is this a new calculator? here's mine, i wish there was a description of the regions, what would Basal represent? Admix Results (sorted): # Population Percent 1 Neolithic 34.93 2 EHG 26.17 3 WHG 24.60 4 Basal 9.75 5 Iran-Mesolithic 3.70 (735) End...
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    MDLP MDLP K16 Modern

    Admix Results (sorted): # Population Percent 1 Caucasian 33.27 2 Neolithic 26.5 3 Steppe 19.4 4 NorthEastEuropean 19.07 5 NearEast 1.6 6 Siberian 0.13 7 Arctic 0.02 Single Population Sharing: # Population (source) Distance 1...