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    Czech frequencies from the Y-GenoGraf database

    The most abundant data on Czech Y-DNA haplogroups is located in a private database available only to people who have taken the Y-Genograf test or are tested with P&R LAB (CZ), Genetická laboratoř KU (CZ), Family Tree DNA (USA), Genographic Project (USA)...
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    GEDMatch HarappaWorld Gedmatch, post and compare your admixtures to ancient and contemporary.

    My guess is that your haplogroup may be descended from the tribe Severians. They were settled in the eastern Balkan Mountains to guard the Bulgar-Byzantine frontier. Earlier they were just where your two matches in Ukraine are located. How recent relatives are they? How common is blond hair in...
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    Suggestions needed for maps

    Hi, guys. I created or corrected the images at Wikipedia article Y-DNA haplogroups in European populations. I don't know every single study and paper, so I want to know if you notice anything incorrect on them or any corrections you think are necessary.:thinking: You are appreciated, thanks.