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  1. AbdoNumen

    Future analysis of 1,500 people who used to live in Anatolia

    A Turkish newspaper published the following: The number of anDNA samples is really skyrocketing. Even 350 samples which the researchers plan to focus on for "deeper analysis" is phenomenal! A bit too ancient to my liking, but still highly interesting. www . hurriyetdailynews . com /...
  2. AbdoNumen

    LivingDNA LivingDNA results for a Caucasian Jew

    23andMe just lumps together all of the Middle East into one population. So I'm getting: Middle Eastern - 95.7% Italian - 3.4% Ashkenazi Jewish - 0.2% Broadly European - 0.6% But I don't think these results are reliable, because they changed drastically after phasing (adding father and paternal...
  3. AbdoNumen

    LivingDNA LivingDNA results for a Caucasian Jew

    Living DNA is one of the only companies that breaks down the Middle East into components. As there are many Europe-centric results, I thought some people would be interested in seeing results from a non-European. As far as I know, I am 100% Mountain Jewish from the Caucasus. Both of my parents...
  4. AbdoNumen

    FTDNA BigY upgrade from Hg19 to Hg38

    Is there any indication, official or otherwise, as to when the Hg38 upgrade should be finalized?
  5. AbdoNumen

    FTDNA Credibility of FTDNA

    As far as Middle/Near Eastern populations go, FTDNA is one of the only companies out there brave enough to break the region down into sub-regions. Though from the samples I've seen, it is heavily weighted toward Asia Minor. My hope is that myOrigins 3.0 will introduce other regions and modal...
  6. AbdoNumen

    Newly discovered skeletons in Qumran, Judean Desert

    Additional skeletons have been unearthed in the Qumran Caves in the West Bank. It's highly likely that these skeletons belong to ancient Jews. sciencenews[dot]org/article/skeletons-could-provide-clues-who-wrote-or-protected-dead-sea-scrolls "Extraction and analysis of DNA from the Qumran...