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    Irish Actor Barry Keoghan

    My sister thinks I look like Yao Ming, the Chinese basketball player (the irony, at 5'9" I am far closer in height to the average Chinese than their giant countryman) while I am 99.4% White and 0.6% Native American. On 23andMe I am 77% British Isles, while on Ancestry I am 78% Irish, English...
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    Shakya royal clan are J2-M410,The Buddha himself was most likely J2-M410

    I always thought M410 (J2a) was Neolithic in origin in India and did not come with the Aryan invasion, there is some J2a in central Asia but it is a minority lineage.
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    Catacomb Culture as source of Greek, Albanian, Armenian

    Balto-Slavic is a Corded Ware language. Satemization is only an areal feature, propagating out from the Indo-Iranian speech community, in which it has its fullest realization. If you want to put Greek, Armenian, and Albanian in Catacomb Culture, feel free to do so, but Balto-Slavic is a Corded...
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    New distribution map of haplogroup E-M123

    I think E-M123 is the ur-semitic line; its E1b1b cousins are all connected to Afroasiatic languages, while J1 is heavily bottlenecked and only really proliferated after P58 joined the early Semitic community.
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    Why Portuguese Food is Hiding Everywhere

    I and other southern New Englanders know that what is called Hawaiian sweet bread is actually Portuguese sweet bread.
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    What were haplogroups of Middle Earth peoples if they real?

    Tolkien himself was R1a (Z92, Baltic, not my Central German YP445); given that the ancestors of the Numenoreans were heavily reduced during the latter First Age and therefore expanded from a very small population, I would make them the heavily-bottlenecked I1 and R1a-M458 clades. Given hobbits'...
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    Do I have any potential Norman heritage?

    Interesting, my great-grandfather's family is West Sicilian, and my father observed a dichotomy in his relations from that side, with half being short and Mediterranean looking, being descended from the native Sicanian and Elymian tribes, while the other half being tall and somewhat lighter and...
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    Question Why did the British Monarchy stop marrying Brits for 250 years?

    Interestingly, as I am 47% British (English and Welsh, predominantly English), William, who is the same generation as I am (he's four years younger), would be the first monarch with more blood from the actual country he ruled than me, a diaspora, well, half-breed (47 is quite close to 50 so...
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    Haplogroups of famous Afrikaners/Boers

    Jacobus Johannes Venter and his male-line kin are my distant R-YP445 cousins. He had two short periods as the acting President of the Orange Free State.
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    MyTrueAncestry MyTrueAncestry DNA Diet

    My top five foods here perfectly illustrate my northwestern European ancestry, does anyone else here find the DNA Diet to be an accurate reflection of what your ancestors would have eaten?
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    Etruscan possibly Gaelic + Brythonic.

    Etruscans are likely a Rhaetic people with Basque-like R1b founder effects; their ancestors assimilated the first U152 explorers from north of the Alps. The Indo-European influence would be more cultural and patrilineal than linguistic.
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    Population Facts of Italian-Americans

    I am all those ethnicities-English, German, Irish, Italian-but I choose the largest, English, which makes up about 7/16 of my pedigree (German and Irish both make up 3/16, and Italian 1/8), mostly because I was close to my maternal grandfather, who was entirely of English descent, and quite...
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    Y-DNA of Iberians or descendants of recent Iberians

    One must remember that southeast Asia is not a source, but a sink, for DNA. K2b, like its sibling K2a, likely originated in east China. The ancestors of Haplogroup N-Tat took the same route out of China, through Siberia, and into eastern Europe that Haplogroup R took earlier, and haplogroups M...
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    Slavic members R-M458 and fictional Eupedia members R-M458 (Germano-Slavic)

    M458 is Germano-Slavic now, but two thousand years ago was a different story and indeed, it may have been neither. All diversity of M458 is on the west. There are only two scenarios that make sense to me; in the first one, the M458 rich people either belong to an extinct language or a...
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    Did Milk help the Indo-European expansion?

    The first sample with the lactase persistence gene is a R1a-Z93 guy from Ukraine. Also it may be instructive that the word for butter comes from a Greek term meaning ‘cow-cheese’, indicating the ancient Greeks did not make cheese with milk from cows.
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    Hitler, Religion, and Morality

    I simply must respond to the level of ignorance shown by the above poster, trying to attribute absolute anti-Christian filth to the religion simply because they don't like it (in most cases because they are self-centered individuals who demand others approve of whatever outré lifestyle they...
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    Immigration Largest Italian, Irish, Polish, Greek cities in the world outside their home country

    My grandfather was, but he died in 1992. Only ancestor to not come over from England was...a Dane. Male line ancestor of his maternal grandmother, came over in the Colonial period. Hans Madsen; name was gradually anglicised to Matteson.
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    Politics "WOKE" America

    One thing that's a problem in the United States is the post-Civil War tabooing of states' rights has made every federal election life or death. And as a Gen Xer I do like to blame the millennials for everything but in this case it is more of an accident of history. The fall of the Soviet Union...
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    MyTrueAncestry Caution on the interpretation of MyTrueAncestry results

    I read at Anthrogenica that Bishop Peder Winstrup, one of their match samples which I match, is R1b-DF27; MTA did not define his haplogroup from what I recall, or had it just at generic R1b.
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    Accent quiz for Americans

    I live in Coventry, Rhode Island. Born and raised. Well, born in Warwick, but that's five miles away. And my maternal grandparents grew up there. Also my sister lives there, and we, through our maternal grandfather, are descended from the city's founder, Samuel Gorton.