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  1. babar-san

    Mail Order Brides

    ii think it can work for the ppl you have already mentioned, but it can also fail horribly. besides, there are several sub-catagories of mail order brides. the first is obviously the one we are discussing, where liked minded ppl arrange to be together (the thought is still so alien to me)...
  2. babar-san

    Religion The USA, religious yes, but more Christian or Jewish ?

    well well, a subject i finally feel intrigued enough to get involved with, since im american an all, i have an objective opinion id like to share with the outside world. i have not read all the posts in this thread, so forgive me if i point something out that has already been explained. i live...
  3. babar-san

    Al-Qaeda, a politically-driven fantasy?

    i just read the article you posted bossel, it re affirmed my belief that the us government is living in a "fantasy" land surrounding the events mentioned. i have long felt that there was an underlying tone of distrust involving the current administration, and bush's personal endeavors and goals...
  4. babar-san

    america - the new roman empire?

    hmmmm... ive pondered this question for a long time ... but the article that mad pierrot linked to was a facinating view of a biased opinion from albeit a medeocre propagandist. i think it is far more complex than he would like us believe. our 2 cultures have evolved in completely different...
  5. babar-san

    america - the new roman empire?

    i was thinking to myself today, after a long discussion about the psychology behind mainstream media, its efffects on the public, human behavioral interaction, social conditioning, and the general state of the lack of a cultural identity due to mass-integration with numerous races, and a...
  6. babar-san

    Are you vegetarian ?

    welp, i not a vegetarian, butidont eat a lot of red meat. maybe 2-4 times a month. i used to eat more, but lately, i have been improving my diet. evryones metabolism is diff, so id say that being vegan from birth would cause less issues, but changing altogether can cause problems, as was the...
  7. babar-san

    How tolerant are you ?

    as long as they are not fundamentalists or violent offenders/sex offenders, i really could care less. i dont really have a problem with drug users, as long as we set clear what is tolerant and what is not, when it comes to drugs. i happen to be a pot smoker. ive never been big on drinking, but...
  8. babar-san

    Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    man, you are the king of taking things out of context, who said anything about agreeing with the united states on this issue? i certainly have not tried to persuade anyone to do so. also, the link i posted was for historical references about china, not the objective american position on chinese...
  9. babar-san

    Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    actually, there is a time period movie directed by zhang yimou , while he was starting to become famous worldwide for his incredible cinematography, and choice of stories. they were very controverstion in china, as he is the only director in cumminist china's history to have gotten away with...
  10. babar-san

    Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    i dont see the humor in any of this, sorry. as for netiquet, i did not use the link you posted, in fact, most of this (except for names) i already knew, when i find the page again, i will post it. while its true that the republican era of china lasted from 1912-1949, the original discussion...
  11. babar-san

    Immigration Europe: Superiorly Enlightened & Tolerant

    he had never been to a grocery store either! :shock: :D , no really, i think he truly believes he is doing the right thing, its not some deep seeded evil that ppl make out to be the case, and everyone is shocked when they witness violence, hatred, etc, its nothing new, been happening since...
  12. babar-san

    Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    whoa, whoa, whoa.....Chiang Kai-Shek never seized complete control of china. i may not know that much about pre-ww2 chinese, japanese conflict, but i do know this much-The Chinese Communist Party ultimately began with the intellectual ferment of the May Fourth Movement, or the New Culture...
  13. babar-san

    Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    hmmm..... good point, i dont know that much about the japan-chinese conflicts pre-ww2. most of what i know about japan and chinese conflict happened throughout the 14-18th centuries, not much knowledge about warfare between them in modern history. but, i think the point i was trying to make is...
  14. babar-san

    Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    yes, but japan had already signed the document, meaning they were supporters of the cause, and intended to enter the war, but, they could not because of the us opposition and embargo's, so, what were they supposed to do? tell germany "ahh, we cant enter the war because the united states, a...
  15. babar-san

    Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    according to the trilateral agreement between gemany, italy, and japan, the italians and the germans were obligated to fight america, this was a document signed by all three countries, and by signing it, they were "required to fight". this is the essence of the axis powers. no one "has" to do...
  16. babar-san

    Is Bush dividing the United States ?

    i havnt really given up, because your right about bad things happening when good people dont act. im just looking for different ways to act. like writing the governor of my state, etc, to get an objective opinion from someone that holds at least some form of political power. its not that i think...
  17. babar-san

    Question Are you influenced by ads and commercials ?

    nope, no influence from ads or commercials.....they all suck, except of course when it comes to movies, cause im a movie freak, and trailers always get my attention, that is, if its something i would be interested in i guess in that respect, i am :?
  18. babar-san

    Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    just wanted to add a few things i had forggoten last time i replied to this post. the reason it is hard to find either side (us or japan) at fault is that because of economic pressure put on japan by the united states in 1931, before america joined the war. at the time, japan relied heavily on...
  19. babar-san

    multiculturalism good or bad??

    i support mutli-culturalism, but not illegal imagration. have you ever seen amerasian babies? their so cute!!!!!