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  1. Jack

    Who are the Greatest warriors in history

    Out of all of them, the mongols and the romans achieved a lot, so i say the mongols.
  2. Jack

    Religion How do Religions Impose their Beliefs and Cause Harm?

    I think religions cause harm just by being present, religion offers the laymen of society an easy answer to what life is about, instead of allowing folk to question exsistence.
  3. Jack

    Racial Humour, Funny or Not?

    theres nothing wrong with humour, the problem lies in the way people read into what a joke means, when you should just "always look on the brightside of life"
  4. Jack

    Religion In what God(s) do you believe ?

    "I am an agnostic; I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of."
  5. Jack

    What is your favourite American TV series ?

    just a little list; Lost The soprano's frasier friends invasion the shield law and order x-files roswell:conspiracies my name is earl ER House Scrubs Family Guy Southpark
  6. Jack

    Deaf or Blind?

    well i damaged my ears in an accident a while ago and i was temporarily deaf for a while, watching T.v. was tough,(what they saying?), i still had my headphones in; playing music( i couldn't hear it, just always wear my headphones), people do tend to talk to you less aswell.(well why would they?)
  7. Jack

    What is your favourite American TV series ?

    im offended that the gretest show ever, The Soprano's is not on the list, or even Lost for that fact and what about the The Shield?
  8. Jack

    Are parents to blame for the way their kid(s) turn out?

    if they have no involvement in the way they turn out, are they just a glorified babysitter? family and upbringing is always the cause of murderers.
  9. Jack

    Why Do We Need To Produce Sick Movies ?

    those that look away from this stuff, just dont like to believe that its reality, fair game, but i like the look of the new film very entertaining, 'bout time a descent horror film came out.
  10. Jack

    What is a hero?

    now theres a hero, some who doesn't others and holds his own life above others, i believe hitler was like that,:okashii:, i think ermac has described the true anti-hero.
  11. Jack

    Economy Single European Currency

    when i went to France they were using the euro note, but i was still able to use the franc's, never really got to see the euro coin to be honest.
  12. Jack

    European Christmas Customs

    i beleive its a tradition (for me it is), to every X-mas eat as much as i can, its what they call the winter-weight, does anyone else think turkey tastes like chicken? sorry if this takes it away from the threads point.:relief:
  13. Jack

    Economy Single European Currency

    i honestly hope we never throw away the british sterling, but once the monarchy fall's, who's face will be on the coins?
  14. Jack

    Religion What does religion bring that nothing else can bring ?

    no offence intended at all. The post you posted is seen a lot, but its fulcrum, i mean dont get me wrong but why come on a forum, where you post and say "why post?". Does posting a post like yours seem like a waste of time?
  15. Jack

    Religion What does religion bring that nothing else can bring ?

    this is in answer to the thread question, what does religion that nothing else can bring? religion no war, simply put.
  16. Jack

    Philosophy What is time?

    did you know there 2 different times, the standard greenwich one, and atomic which correlates with the earth. You see the earth is slowing down and with it like this, time will not run in parr to the worlds rotation, eventually when the sun is above you(known as noon), it will state on your...
  17. Jack

    Animals Animal Rights

    animals have only one right, and thats the right to look cute, :wave: i may act tough, but im smitten by a little kitten. Anyway, folk that hurt animals should be shot, shot out of a cannon and into a wall, and then blow up the wall. We live in this world like its our's, we should remember...
  18. Jack

    Are humans all born equal ?

    freedom is a choice that one can always differentiate away from others, so i believe not one human is of equal situation.-my 2 cents
  19. Jack

    Don't ignore the 'ignore list'.

    wait who do we ignore if something happens? why do we ignore people anyway? it wouldn't be nice to ignore folk, cant we all be civil? the bigger man is forgiving.
  20. Jack

    Greatest Dutch contributions to the world ?

    is hainekken dutch? is it the one the danes hate to see it leave?