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  1. Fantt

    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    Anything that adults can do alone or with each other which causes no harm to others not participating should be legal. Any harm they do to themselves is their own concern. That said, I still think that driving while under the influence of any inhibiting substance should be illegal. The...
  2. Fantt

    America's downward spiral.....

    I wonder about the power of a religion's message when they have to rely on such underhanded tactics to get it delivered to people. A good message doesn't need to be shoved forcefully down people's throats. It's spread virally from person to person.
  3. Fantt

    Left vs. Right: Political Discussion

    Does anyone have the "right permanent solution" that will prevent starvation and homelessness? According to many of its opponents, Socialism destroys work ethics and will also destroy a country's economy. However, most of western Europe is socialist and they seem to be doing pretty darn well...
  4. Fantt

    The Gay Marriage Controversy

    I think animals mating (or attempting to mate) with dead animals and animals which aren't of their own species (horse + donkey == mule ) is relatively common as well. I think anyone who looks at the actual behavior of other animals would have a difficult time saying that homosexuality is an...
  5. Fantt

    How tolerant are you ?

    I guess I'm not sure what you mean by Drug-Addicts. Some people would call all pot-smokers addicts, and I'm not sure that that's the case. Also, ex-cons could mean people who were convicted for non-violent or victimless crimes... I'd only be scared of living next to violent ex-cons. I'm more...
  6. Fantt

    Question Do you forgive people easily ?

    Life is too short to be upset with people over things in which major bodily injury or death did not occur. :D I think I forgive awfully easily, even without an apology. Holding a grudge against someone, for whatever reason causes suffering, and I'd rather just chill. I used to get really mad...
  7. Fantt

    Mmm...I love watching Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson getting pwn3d.

    Ann Coulter is just a media troll. She exists solely to piss people off. When you get pissed at Ann Coulter, she chalks up another point and chuckles quietly to herself.
  8. Fantt

    What do you think of homosexuality (and gay marriage) ?

    I still want to know why people have such a big hang-up about choice and homosexuality. As a gay person, jovi, do you think it's important within the gay community for people to view homosexuality as something you're just born with? I personally think that the whole choice thing is...
  9. Fantt

    How am I responsible?!?!?!

    Man, Mecharmor, you need to verify who hates the Chinese so much. I've never heard anyone speak that horribly about Chinese people in general.
  10. Fantt

    How am I responsible?!?!?!

    Mecharmor, most people are stupid. Ya know how dumb the average person is? That implies that half of everyone else is even dumber. It is difficult for me to imagine that a person who thinks for himself would put all 1 billion+ Chinese into one box. Sadly, most people choose not to think for...
  11. Fantt

    Do you prefer Asian or non-Asian women?

    Hey - I've been married for 8.5 years. Not as awesome as Sabro, but not entirely rare either.
  12. Fantt

    Religion In what God(s) do you believe ?

    I think we're just having a disagreement about the word "proof." I'll agree that there are some things which certainly seem to be incontrovertable facts, but philosophically, I'm unwilling to consider much of anything to be an absolute truth. I'm pretty sure that many physicists who are...
  13. Fantt

    Religion In what God(s) do you believe ?

    Hmmm... From here: Back to the discussion concerning science and religion, religion DOES make statements concerning absolute and unquestionable truth. Therein lies the big difference.
  14. Fantt

    The myth of the bigoted Christian redneck

    The problem is that the money to pay for social programs is taken by force from taxpayers. Americans generally don't like that.
  15. Fantt

    Religion In what God(s) do you believe ?

    Most scientists will tell you that it's very difficult/impossible to definitively "prove" anything. We can just make more accurate maps of reality seen from different perspectives.
  16. Fantt

    The myth of the bigoted Christian redneck

    I just hear the sound that Charlie Brown's teachers made: *wah wah, wahwah wah*
  17. Fantt

    Immigration Europe: Superiorly Enlightened & Tolerant

    Have you guys noticed that Mike hasn't posted once in this thread after the first post? He's probably just sitting back and laughing and laughing. :D
  18. Fantt

    Immigration Europe: Superiorly Enlightened & Tolerant

    Mike Cash: Infinitely Humble and Gracious Victor :p
  19. Fantt

    Religion In what God(s) do you believe ?

    Thanks, Bossel. That's pretty much what I was going to say. Science implies no belief, in fact it attempts to avoid any dogma or faith. There are certainly dogmatic scientists, but that's not what science is about. From the standpoint of science, there is no conflict at all with religion...
  20. Fantt

    Religion In what God(s) do you believe ?

    It's a lot more difficult to think for yourself than to allow others to think for you.