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    North Korea says it has nuclear weapons!!!

    the issue America is afraid of is not that North Korea will use their nukes... Kim Il Jong just isn't that suicidal... North Korea knows that if they attack anyone with nukes, plenty of nukes will land on them. The only way they would use nukes would be if they were already fighting a military...
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    North Korea says it has nuclear weapons!!!

    my bet is nothing happens. Either NK is lying, or they aren't. Noones been pressing them lately to give up their weapons, so maybe they wanted some publicity. The U.S. focus is all on Iran now, they aren't gonna do anything about NK
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    Society Should cannabis be legal in every country ?

    I think the government should stay out of our lives as much as possible, so yes I feel it should be legal but to the effect that it must be consumed in designated areas (as with alcohol, you shouldn't be allowed to walk down the street smoking a joint)... As long as you aren't giving anyone...
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    8.9 earthquake and tsunami ravage South Asia

    I understand that you may find it inhumane to refer to each human life as "just another statistic", but counting the number of casualties is the only way one can put this tragedy into proper perspective. For example, I believe today the deathcount was established at around 150,000+ . Today I...
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    8.9 earthquake and tsunami ravage South Asia

    death count is now at 116,000
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    How am I responsible?!?!?!

    TwistedMac: I meant "dominant" as in having the most global influence. An interesting way to look at it is every country goes through a colonial stage (right before their subsequent downfall)... Countries build themselves up, then go off to colonize elsewhere. Greece, Rome, Spain, England, U.S...
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    How am I responsible?!?!?!

    I think people hate people of every and all races here in America, its just that some hatreds are tolerated more than others. Hatred for Chinese is more tolerated then say... hatred of hispanics... because throughout the past 50 years our government has painted your country as a communist...
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    The Gay Marriage Controversy

    I am against gay marriage in the united states not because I am against gays but because I think it would cause tremendous problems for their children if they were to adopt some (as a few people have already mentioned here). I think the problem is that our society is still not completely...
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    Language barrier and acceptance.

    I think it depends on what language you speak initially. First of all, Americans are pretty accepting since there are many different peoples here who speak English at many different levels. If I were to go to Canada (barring Quebec), or England/Scotland, people would know right off the bat that...
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    Do you lock your doors?

    I have always locked my doors, not because the fear of getting robbed keeps me up at night, but because why take the chance? Sure, if I always left the doors unlocked, maybe 1000 days would go by and nothing would happen; but all it takes is 1 time for someone to come by, realize the door is...
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    How can you be bothered by someone else's suicide? (which I infer from your statement that if anyone kills themselves, you have issues with it)... People are free to make their own decisions, nobody has a choice whether they're born or not, atleast give them the choice to die if they see that as...