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  1. yakutatazu

    Biggest European train station opens in Berlin !

    w00t to european superstructures no seriously, good work Germany.
  2. yakutatazu

    The Opinion Game

    electric. when it comes to work, now or later? (that's like, as in, work around the house. not job-work. I'm quite dediated to that.)
  3. yakutatazu

    Iraq War -- Illegal? Legal?

    I've heard rumors about there being secret group who decides things about USA, like, "there should be a war now", "yeah, it'd do the economy good, guns can be sold and it would get the army to do something". also there was supposed to be a group that only if you're a member, you can get to be...
  4. yakutatazu

    Animals Animal Rights

    ofcourse there would not be a middle. I give my cat a sharp tap on the head if he scratches me YET AGAIN (without reason) if a medicine is safe, but for legal reasons has to be tested, animals are OK, if not disadvantaged by it. I must say I'm against people who won't eat meat-meat, but will...
  5. yakutatazu

    What is a hero?

    purposefully doing a selfless act to save lives/ to protect somebody. and many many exceptions. I am no hero.
  6. yakutatazu

    Are parents to blame for the way their kid(s) turn out?

    parents raise their kids in the most vital/critical years of the children's lives. I guess. And most of the rest of the upbringing and character building is done by them.
  7. yakutatazu

    What language best fits your personality ?

    well, geez, I am advised British English! wow, but, I already speak that. then I am advised French, which I detest. Then I'm told Japanese isn't for me! GAAAHH!
  8. yakutatazu

    Comics Which Franco-Belgian comics do you know ?

    I thought it was 'blake and mortimer" not "black an mortimer"... I also heard some of the things in those comics turned out to be true... well, whatever. go asterix! and obelix! and cacophonix!
  9. yakutatazu

    Greatest Dutch contributions to the world ?

    ok, misunderstanding set apart where I live? well, that would be, erm, drenthe. In a small farming village, dwingeloo, ever heard of it, quite popular with the dutch tourists.... this is quite funny you know, Germany is usually thought of as a "beer-land" but it would appear dutch beer enjoys...
  10. yakutatazu

    Greatest Dutch contributions to the world ?

    no no no, look, I have nothing against them (said songs) because they're dutch, I hate them to when in English or other languages, just it seems around 85% of the dutch songs produced are like that. and you don't like the text I posted? well lighten up dude! it's a joke and I just happend to...
  11. yakutatazu

    Greatest Dutch contributions to the world ?

    ho-hum. I was unaware of a dutch-dude having invented CD's... Heineken, BTW, sucks. Try Hertog Jan or Grolsch. AND! MY FIRST GREAT CONTRIBUTION TO THIS FORUM WILL BE: a guide to living in Holland. not my own writing. "The main form of public transportation in Holland is bikes. Feel free to...